AI-powered Chatbot Platform Inbenta Closes a $40M Funding Round

Conversational AI platform Inbenta has closed a $40M funding round led by Tritium Partners. The Dallas-based company plans to invest the funds into future product innovation and expansion into new markets.

Inbenta's platform automates customer interactions using intelligent conversational AI. The platform offers a holistic approach to customer service, encompassing chatbot, messenger, search, and knowledge modules.

Requiring almost zero data training, Inbenta's solutions are fully configurable, deployable within seconds, and interoperable across multiple platforms. Inbenta promises a 90% correct answer rate as it perpetually advances through billions of customer interactions across more than 30 languages.

"Inbenta's conversational AI is a game changer for any business that has to handle customer inquiries, whether simple questions or more complicated tasks. Inbenta's advantage is driven by its proprietary Natural Language Processing and Neuro-Symbolic AI technology and its versatility, on top of its already global footprint and ability to connect with customers across languages and lexicons. With the backing of Tritium Partners, Inbenta is now positioned to rapidly scale and develop a truly end-to-end AI platform that delivers on features never before imagined," said Melissa Solis, Chief Executive Officer at Inbenta.
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By applying Inbenta's AI-driven conversational tools, companies can automate the resolution of customer inquiries and tasks, reduce the need and cost associated with human intervention, and create an always-on channel for customer service, sales, HR and revenue growth.

"Inbenta represents the future of customer experience. For over a decade, we've been optimizing our technology so that customers can be understood and responded to in a way that is helpful, genuine and, most importantly, achieves a quick and impactful resolution. I am excited for the opportunity to work with Melissa on this next chapter of Inbenta's growth," said Jordi Torras, Chief Innovation Officer at Inbenta.

"Conversational AI is quickly advancing albeit with fragmentation and point solutions. Today's funding will allow Inbenta to accelerate the market's awareness of its comprehensive platform that tailors AI-driven solutions across industries and use cases for the needs of all enterprises," said Matt Bowman, Managing Partner at Tritium Partners. "We are excited to see Melissa, Jordi and the team capitalize on the company's technology, capabilities and market position as they work to dramatically grow the business over the coming years."

In 2014, Inbenta raised $2 million in a Series A funding round from a group of investors led by Amérigo Chile Early Stage and Growth, an international network of venture capital funds.