Alchemer Launches a Microsoft Teams Integration

Feedback software provider Alchemer has announced an integration with Microsoft Team to automate delivering customer and employee feedback on that collaboration platform.

The integration enables organizations to simplify the distribution of customer and employee feedback surveys into key systems widely used by organizations. The integration setup is easy and requires no IT assistance.

With Alchemer, users can receive customer and employee feedback directly in Teams channels. Then, users can quickly forward critical feedback and information, avoiding emails and other forms of secondary communication.

Unlike other Alchemer integrations, the Microsoft Teams integration includes the “card actions” feature which allows users to create and configure card actions within the Teams message. This further streamlines collaboration, survey testing, and action.

This allows stakeholders to leave comments within the Microsoft Teams channel, streamlining survey creation.

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“Our product strategy is to be action-forward, agile, and accessible to help customers immediately act on feedback. Our Microsoft Teams integration is an important component in that strategy, allowing our customers to respond to feedback more quickly and efficiently, ” said Peter Zaidel, Director of Product Management at Alchemer.

The Microsoft Teams integration grows Alchemer’s list of available integrations, which includes Salesforce, Slack, and Tableau.