InMoment Unveils AI Studio to Enhance GenAI Features and CX Initiatives

InMoment has introduced InMoment AI Studio, an internal framework designed to enhance and manage generative AI (genAI) features within the XI Platform. The AI Studio provides InMoment clients with the advantages of genAI, such as more actionable insights, faster data analysis, and greater ROI on customer experience (CX) initiatives.

It also addresses common issues associated with large language models (LLMs), such as high costs, biased or inaccurate outputs ("hallucinations"), and data privacy concerns.

InMoment AI Studio consolidates essential software components, including logging, billing, autoscaling, and versioning, streamlining the process for faster deployment of new AI functionalities.

“With InMoment AI Studio, we’ve created a framework that both accelerates the deployment of AI features, including LLM-based features, while also ensuring their reliability and effectiveness. This innovation allows us to stay at the forefront of AI technology while providing our clients with the flexibility, security, and performance they need to transform their customer experience initiatives,” said Sandeep Garg, Chief Product and Technology Officer of InMoment.

What does the AI Studio bring to the table? 

Model Agnostic Flexibility: The framework's adaptability enables easy switching between different AI models, such as OpenAI and LLama3, with a simple click. This supports use cases like "bring your own LLM" and hosting fine-tuned models.

Parameterized API: Client applications can specialize prompts using REST parameters with a decoupled API endpoint that allows for continuous improvements without affecting applications.

Advanced Dataset Management: this streamlines quick test cases and ad-hoc analyses for rapid iteration and enhancement.

Robust Testing Framework: The framework compares various prompt configurations to ensure accurate and valuable results, reducing risks and unnecessary computational expenses.

Integration Capabilities: This incorporates complex AI frameworks like LangChain or Autogen, enabling seamless integration with external systems and services for enhanced insights and decision-making.

Secure Hosting Options: Provides flexible hosting solutions with a focus on full compliance and customer consent.

Advanced Workflow Capabilities: Supports the creation of complex, multi-step AI solutions, including web crawlers and multiple AI agents collaborating to solve intricate problems.

Elsewhere, InMoment has just announced the integration of generative AI into its advanced Conversational Intelligence platform.