AlphaSense Fuels an Evolution of AI in Market Intelligence with New Releases

Market intelligence and search platform AlphaSense has introduced the AlphaSense Assistant, an innovative generative AI chat feature, that will transform the way users collect valuable insights from vast volumes of business and financial documents, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Additionally, AlphaSense is launching Enterprise Intelligence, an offering that combines AlphaSense's AI-driven search, summarization, and chat capabilities with the security of customers' own proprietary organizational knowledge. This integration helps organizations leverage AlphaSense's technology while securely incorporating their internal data and insights.

"Today, more than 1,000 of our enterprise clients are securely searching across their internal content with AlphaSense—from deal data rooms to investment memos and other large troves of internal insights—and finding key data with great speed and reliability. We couldn't be more excited to roll out the generative AI and chat capabilities of AlphaSense Assistant to clients - delivering on the vision of seamlessly finding internal and external insights from thousands of sources all in one place, with powerful search and AI technology on top," said Jack Kokko, CEO and Founder of AlphaSense.

Accelerating research tasks for businesses 

AlphaSense Assistant marks an evolution of AI in market intelligence, as it leverages AlphaSense's custom-designed Large Language Model (ASLLM) to offer a conversational chat interface built upon AlphaSense's extensive content repository. This chat interface significantly accelerates research tasks for business and financial experts.

For instance, users can inquire about a new investment opportunity in the medical technology sector or discuss the merits and drawbacks of a manufacturing rival. With AlphaSense Assistant, they receive rapid and precise responses, and the tool includes a built-in auditing feature, allowing users to easily verify information by referring back to the source for context and validation.

Enterprise Intelligence  

Enterprise Intelligence is a comprehensive solution that integrates AlphaSense's AI features, such as AlphaSense Assistant and Smart Summaries, smoothly into an organization's internal content as well as a wide array of public and private content sources. This integration helps employees gain a holistic and exclusive perspective on their company's markets, industries, and competitors. It offers deployment flexibility within the organization's private cloud infrastructure, enhancing data security and accessibility.

These platform updates from AlphaSense come shortly after the company's successful Series E funding round, which raised $150 million led by BOND and valued the company at $2.5 billion. This follows a series of important milestones for AlphaSense in 2023, such as introducing Smart Summaries, their initial generative AI toolkit, and securing an additional $100 million in funding.