Avaya and LivePerson Partner to Merge the Best of Voice, Digital and AI Technologies

Avaya and LivePerson have joined forces to merge the best of voice, digital, and AI technologies into a seamless omnichannel platform. This will enable enterprises to deliver personalized, connected experiences that drive digital transformation.

"Today's enterprises want to use analytics, digital channels, automation, and AI to deliver better outcomes for customers, while attaining new levels of operational efficiency and minimizing disruption to existing core systems. Partnering with LivePerson brings 'innovation without disruption' to our customers and partners by enabling them to bring market-leading digital and AI capabilities, along with world-class analytics, seamlessly into their existing operations," said Josh Mueller, CMO and General Manager of Hardware, Avaya.

With this partnership, businesses can enhance their existing Avaya investments without needing costly migrations. By integrating LivePerson's Conversational Cloud platform, two innovative offerings emerge:

Advanced Digital Capabilities: This solution offers a plethora of digital channels, harnessing LivePerson's cutting-edge messaging, AI, and conversation management tools. It seamlessly integrates with Avaya's Experience Platform, fostering a unified agent experience across all channels.

Unified Insights Capabilities: By unlocking customer data from all channels, enterprises gain valuable near-real-time and post-conversation insights. Leveraging LivePerson's conversational intelligence suite, including Analytics Studio, businesses can improve processes, drive R&D initiatives, and inform strategic decisions.

What do these solutions include?  

These solutions drive swift time-to-value while mitigating the risks associated with AI implementation in customer experience.

Key features include interoperability between platforms, ensuring seamless integration without disrupting existing workflows or infrastructure, as well as a comprehensive digital suite supporting numerous channels, from the web to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

In addition, the solutions include built-in Conversational AI capabilities and support for third-party bots from leading providers such as Microsoft and Google.

With an integrated omnichannel conversational intelligence suite, all customer and agent data is consolidated for easy access. Moreover, enterprises gain access to enterprise-grade generative AI tools for tasks like conversation summarization and AI-powered insights, ensuring transformative customer experiences without disrupting operations.

"With Avaya, we're creating an entirely new path for enterprises to achieve the true ROI of digital transformation and AI right now — without locking that value behind a years-long CCaaS migration journey. Our strategic partnership not only provides a faster path to better outcomes, but will also power a best-of-breed omni-channel suite like nothing else in the market today," said John Sabino, CEO of LivePerson.

Elsewhere, Avaya has announced its acquisition of Edify, a no-code, cloud-native platform that unifies contact centers, unified communications, and real-time communications.