Americans Anticipate Positive Shifts in Customer Service with AI, According to Infobip

The future is bright for AI in customer service, reveals a recent survey commissioned by Infobip. More than half of Americans (52%) expect improvements in customer service brought about by AI. The findings point out that implementing AI would lead to 24/7 support, drastically reduce wait times, and provide human-free options to those who want them.

Although 40% of Americans say that AI-powered customer service contributed to a poor experience, the overall outlook of AI-backed services is positive.

The gender of chatbots doesn't notably influence consumer opinions, as 70% of respondents don't take that aspect of the chatbot into account. However, among those expressing a preference, male chatbots are perceived as more trustworthy by 56%. Interestingly, 18% of Americans befriended chatbots, whereas almost 20% of respondents even flirted with them.

While chatbots have the capability to act as humans, a majority (71%) of Americans are still not entirely trusting of AI-driven chatbot responses. More than 50% of respondents are unsure whether they are interacting with an AI bot or a real human.

“While chatbots are growing in popularity, the data shows that human interaction remains a key preference for most customers, with more almost 90% of Americans (89.4%) still preferring to speak to a real human when seeking customer service. Infobip's omnichannel voice full-stack offering strikes a balance by incorporating automation for effectiveness and leveling up to human customer service based on customer preference. This dual approach adds significant value, offering a more personalized touch and enhancing the overall depth and richness of our omnichannel strategy,” said Infobip Chief Business Officer, Ivan Ostojić.