Automation and Analytics Are Transforming Contact Center Operations

The pandemic together with the unstable economic situation have further pushed companies to seek different contact center services in order to adapt to business and consumer behavior shifts.

Global technology research and advisory company Information Services Group (ISG) has released a report highlighting the changes and needs for advanced customer experience technology by enterprise companies.

“At the highest levels of leadership, enterprises are recognizing the strategic importance of customer experience. Modern digital customer experience technology is becoming essential, especially as hiring and retaining skilled agents grows more challenging. Companies are seeking providers’ help at all stages of this evolution,” said Jan Erik Aase, partner, and global leader, ISG Provider Lens Research. “

The 2022 ISG Provider Lens Contact Center — Customer Experience Services Archetype report shows that many companies are turning to AI bots, speech analytics, and other tools to boost customer experience. Further, it underpins the transformation of contact center operations due to their shift to remote and hybrid work models with automation and analytics.

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Moreover, the report outlined the typical contact center services buyers. Each archetype represents a unique set of business and technology needs and challenges, and these are: 

  • Automation Embracers: Although new to digitalization, the pandemic has forced these companies to adopt new customer experience channels and use automation to secure customer loyalty and retention while maintaining cost savings.

  • Digital Connoisseurs: These clients are already very familiar with omnichannel customer engagement and advanced CX technologies and plan to scale digital transformation with AI and machine learning.

  • CX Evangelists: Their aim is transforming CX through analytics and they search for business partners with implementation experience, solutions, and analytics services.

  • Work-From-Home Buyers: Such clients seek to adopt a completely work-from-home or hybrid work model. The main goal is cost saving and business flexibility. In order to build a work-from-home infrastructure, they look for service providers with the skills, training, and technology, especially cloud contact centers and security.

Some of the ISG-evaluated providers are HGS, Sitel Group, Sutherland and Teleperformance, Cognizant, Startek, Atento, etc.