UJET Unveils Agent Mobile App for Seamless Customer Service Anytime, Anywhere

UJET has announced its Agent Mobile App, offering enhanced capabilities for agents, employees, and experts who work remotely or on the move. The mobile app enables them to provide quicker and more efficient customer service, regardless of their location.

"Mobile customer support is no longer a nice-to-have, it's a necessity. In the past, customer support was limited to employees who were physically located in a call center during business hours. But in today's digital world, consumers expect highly personalized support instantly, anywhere and anytime they need it, so brands that don't offer mobile customer support are at a competitive disadvantage,” said Anand Janefalkar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, UJET.

The UJET Agent Mobile App is a mobile contact center solution designed for agents, supervisors, and other employees and experts that allows them to efficiently handle calls, chats, and transfers, as well as make outbound calls. Additionally, the app provides seamless access to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, enabling agents to swiftly address customer concerns using their iOS or Android devices. Furthermore, agents have the flexibility to switch between their desktop and the mobile app as required during customer interactions.

Provided to UJET customers at no extra charge, the solution has been developed to cater to modern agents who are well-versed in digital and mobile technologies. By leveraging the capabilities of smart devices, the app enables agents to engage in contextual, well-informed, and effective interactions. Its features, such as single sign-on authentication, user-friendly call controls, and secure media sharing (e.g., photos, screenshots), are designed to streamline the agent's experience and enhance efficiency. The app requires minimal setup or training, allowing agents to quickly adapt and spend more time attending to customer needs rather than familiarizing themselves with tools.

Dave Michels, Managing Partner of TalkingPointz, noted that the shift towards mobile devices extends to contact center agents and supervisors. Traditionally, agents have relied on PC desktops, but there has been a noticeable transition towards using Chromebooks. The availability of mobile solutions for Android and iOS platforms offers greater portability, which appeals to a diverse range of workers, including gig workers and those who value flexibility in their work environment.

UJET remains committed to transforming the contact center industry by consistently introducing innovative solutions. UJET has also made significant strides in expanding its offerings, including the integration with Microsoft Teams and the introduction of UJET WFM in partnership with Google Cloud, which was announced in March.

The UJET Agent Mobile App is currently available for iOS and Android devices.