Snappy Unveils AI Gifting Assistant to Help You Personalize Gift-Giving

Comprehensive gifting company Snappy has introduced its newest advancement - an AI Gifting Assistant. Snappy aims to take personalization, convenience, and delight to new heights by incorporating AI technology alongside its proprietary data, curated selections, and valuable gift collection partnerships.

"We're thrilled to introduce our AI Gifting Assistant tool, making it even easier for people to express their love, gratitude, and appreciation through the power of gifting. We're proud to release this innovative technology to further personalize the process of gifting, unlocking new possibilities for joyful, heartfelt, and meaningful gifting experiences for gift givers and their recipients. There are so many possibilities for how we can use AI and we are excited to create future opportunities to use this new technology to create more moments for gratitude," said Hani Goldstein, Co-Founder and CEO, Snappy.

Snappy's AI Gifting Assistant, initially launched on the company's personal gifting platform, is set to extend its reach to the company's B2B platform in the near future, highlighting Snappy's dedication to continuously enhancing the gifting process for both senders and recipients, across all stages of interaction.

With just a few clicks and simple instructions, the assistant personalizes the experience by presenting a carefully curated selection of gifts that align with the recipient's interests, hobbies, and the sender's specified budget. The unique "recipient picks" feature enables the gift receiver to choose their preferred gift from a collection designed specifically for them based on their preferences, occasion, and characteristics such as age and interests. For example, Snappy can create a customized collection for hiking, music, and cooking enthusiast in their 60s or for a tech-savvy, beauty-loving friend celebrating their 27th birthday.

Snapay's AI Gifting Assistant is a result of combining OpenAI's GPT technology, insights from Snappy's in-house curators, and its unique gifting algorithm, focusing on personalization and ensuring that each recipient receives the perfect gift experience for a specific occasion.