Workiva Makes Business Reporting Easy with Generative AI

Cloud-based integrated reporting company Workiva has introduced Generative AI to its cloud platform to transform the business reporting market by enhancing productivity and efficiency. By harnessing Generative AI, users can gain valuable insights that facilitate better and quicker data-driven decision-making processes.

Generative AI is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the Workiva platform, delivering a comprehensive and enhanced user experience. Customers can now leverage its capabilities throughout their entire workflow, from content creation to editing and rewriting, across all Workiva solutions. This transformative technology empowers users to shift from merely producing content to becoming content editors, streamlining workflows and allowing them to dedicate more time to high-value tasks.

Furthermore, users can ask open-ended questions at any point in their workflow, receiving valuable insights and support to facilitate smarter decision-making and enhance overall productivity.

"Given the increasing stakeholder scrutiny of private and public entities, our platform and technology have never been more relevant. Off-the-shelf foundational Generative AI models become increasingly more important and can produce targeted responses when extended with Workiva’s domain knowledge and proprietary data. This is our point of differentiation. We believe we are leading a new wave of innovation in which transformative business value will be achieved through a combination of human expertise, contextual data, and the responsible use of Generative AI technology," said David Haila, EVP and Chief Technology Officer for Workiva.

Workiva is dedicated to responsible and ethical AI usage, prioritizing human judgment, ethical practices, data privacy, and transparency in implementing AI-generated content. The company's open ecosystem approach allows customers to choose the most suitable industry-leading large language model, such as those from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, based on their specific requirements.

Moreover, Workiva ensures that its users can fully leverage AI capabilities without transferring their data from the Workiva platform, which guarantees data security and confidentiality.