Bloomreach’s New Release Allows Businesses to Connect Third-Party Apps to Its Engagement Platform

Bloomreach has introduced support for OAuth 2.0 authentication for webhooks, an industry-standard protocol that allows third-party applications to access user data without requiring the sharing of login credentials. This allows businesses to seamlessly integrate Bloomreach Engagement with popular third-party apps that use OAuth, enabling secure and real-time data exchange without the need to switch the platform.

Webhooks are essential for synchronizing real-time data and initiating actions in various marketing channels. When used effectively, webhooks empower marketers to provide personalized, timely, and consistent experiences at every customer interaction. This results in higher engagement and satisfaction. To ensure the security and reliability of data exchanges, the use of OAuth 2.0 authentication for webhooks is crucial. This authentication method regulates access to protected resources, reducing the potential for unauthorized access and data breaches.

“Enabling businesses to unify their data easily and securely within their tech stack has been a guiding principle of our platform since its inception. The launch of OAuth 2.0 authentication for webhooks will expand possibilities of system integration to another level,” said Michal Novovesky, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Engagement.

By supporting OAuth 2.0 authentication through webhooks, Bloomreach enables seamless integration of its Engagement platform with various third-party applications and platforms that rely on this authentication method. This integration encompasses a wide range of popular solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Commercetools, Criteo Marketing, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Listrak, Talkdesk, and many more. Brands can now effortlessly connect Bloomreach with their existing tech stack, expanding their capabilities and enhancing their marketing strategies.

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