Braze Launches Braze Instant Insights on Snowflake Marketplace for Data-Driven Decision Making

Braze has unveiled the beta release of Braze Instant Insights, a set of Snowflake Native Apps available on Snowflake Marketplace. These Analytics Apps, developed using the Snowflake Native Application Framework, empower joint customers to unleash the potential and maximize the benefits of their data.

Snowflake has introduced the Snowflake Native App Framework, which is now in public preview on AWS. This framework allows developers to build and test applications directly within the Data Cloud. Soon, additional features for distribution and monetization will be available in a public preview.

“The Snowflake Native App Framework enables Braze to build in the Data Cloud and bring its app directly to customer’s data to drive value. By building Snowflake Native Apps, Braze is helping customers mobilize their data securely,” said Chris Child, Senior Director of Product Management, Snowflake.

With over 25 Snowflake Native Apps already present on Snowflake Marketplace and over a hundred in development, Snowflake has established a robust ecosystem. Braze, a participant in this ecosystem, plans to offer Braze Instant Insights on Snowflake Marketplace, providing users easy access to valuable insights. By leveraging Snowflake's infrastructure, Braze can generate additional revenue by offering its app to numerous Snowflake customers, all while maintaining data security and privacy.

The beta version of Braze Instant Insights serves as an advanced analytics engine, empowering Braze customers to leverage real-time insights and data to create personalized and effective cross-channel marketing campaigns.

“We are honored to receive the Powered By Snowflake award at Snowflake Summit. This recognition is a true testament to our commitment to helping the world’s best brands unlock the power of their first-party data to create brilliant, personalized customer engagement campaigns. In continuing our mission, we’re excited to join Snowflake in ushering in a new era of data collaboration by bringing [a beta version of] Braze Instant Insights to our customers, enabling them to create and analyze even more impactful and creative customer engagement strategies in real-time and at scale,” said Jon Hyman, cofounder and CTO, Braze.

Not too long ago, Braze announced that it offers native support for WhatsApp messaging, allowing marketers to create, manage, and send WhatsApp campaigns directly from the Braze platform to enhance customer relationships.