Zoho Launches New Unified Communication and Collaboration Platform

Zoho has launched a new unified communications platform, Trident, along with enhanced collaboration technologies with the aim of streamlining communication across channels, reducing confusion, and enhancing businesses' digital adoption.

Zoho Workplace is a comprehensive office platform that brings together collaboration, productivity, and communication tools. It offers a flexible, complete business email and cloud office suite, placed on a shared data model and integrated with search and AI capabilities. This allows users to collaborate effortlessly and switch smoothly between applications.

“In the past year, Zoho Workplace adoption has accelerated as businesses of all sizes transition to digital-forward, hybrid work. With a clear focus on continued innovation, Zoho is well-positioned to thrive during this time of readjustment. The goal of Zoho Workplace is to enable businesses to unify their work to a point where the line between apps disappears. It's heartening to see so many new businesses join the Zoho family, using Zoho Workplace as their customizable center of gravity,” said Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, at Zoho.

Zoho Workplace has seen a significant increase in its user base, growing by 30% compared to the previous year, with over 16 million users. This rapid growth can be credited to the increased need for cost-effective solutions that prioritize user privacy, as well as the growing expenses from other collaboration platform providers.

Zoho Trident

Zoho Trident is a new platform that offers a seamless collaboration, productivity, and communication experience. It brings together mail, messaging, audio/video calls, calendars, tasks, and other features in one place and is Zoho's first native desktop application for email and chat.

The new platform is a shift from individual product experiences as Zoho strives to provide its customers with a unified and integrated solution.

Trident extends the security functions of Zoho applications even further, as it offers a new layer of safety through Encryption and App Lock features.

Other Enhanced Collaboration Technologies

Some of the additional enhanced collaboration technologies for streamlining communication across channels include:

  1. Zoho Voice platform, which integrates into two team collaboration applications: Zoho Cliq and Zoho Meeting. This integration allows employees to make direct phone calls and send text messages, as well as receive incoming calls.

  2. Zoho Webinar allows businesses to host online events and connect with a large audience using polls and Q&As. In addition, it presents materials to the audience using virtual file sharing without having to share their screen, as well as upload session materials before the webinar and easily share them with attendees during the event.

  3. BluePencil is Zoho's new AI-powered grammar tool that provides writing suggestions and a text editor that can be used on any website, not just within Zoho's platform.

  4. Universal Drag & Drop feature saves time when performing tasks across multiple products within the platform.

  5. Zoho WorkDrive has added TrueSync to eliminate storage limits by creating a duplicate of all WorkDrive files and folders on the user's desktop and enabling a smooth transition between the cloud and the computer. Also, users can access and make changes to files locally without using up any hard drive space.