Braze Unveils Native WhatsApp Messaging to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Customer engagement platform Braze has announced that it now offers native support for WhatsApp messaging. With this integration, marketers can create, manage, and send WhatsApp campaigns directly from the Braze platform to enhance customer relationships, providing context-rich conversational messaging that can drive higher conversions.

“Today’s consumers continue to gravitate toward WhatsApp to learn about products and services. As consumers rely on the channel more to interact with brands, it is imperative that marketers embrace this messaging revolution and take full advantage of this emerging marketing arena to deliver richer, conversational experiences to customers. For many brands, incorporating WhatsApp into a cross-channel customer engagement strategy may be essential to help drive business results throughout the customer lifecycle, and we’re thrilled to offer a comprehensive WhatsApp Business Integration to do just that,” said Kevin Wang, Chief Product Officer for Braze.

Braze allows brands to launch automated WhatsApp campaigns on a large scale and seamlessly integrate the messaging platform into their overall marketing strategy. This helps eliminate the need for multiple-point solutions and intermediary technologies. Moreover, brands can send personalized and highly-targeted WhatsApp messages to the appropriate customers, ensuring they receive the right message at the right time. Braze offers a comprehensive solution for managing mobile messaging across the customer lifecycle, from initial activation to retention and monetization.

The Braze WhatsApp Business Integration allows companies to:

  • Streamline the onboarding process and engage audiences: With Braze's native support for WhatsApp, marketers can easily onboard their WhatsApp Business account through the Braze platform's sign-up flow, which helps streamline the process and reach a global audience faster. The solutions allow brands to manage the channel directly within Braze, an official Business Solution Provider, and quickly create and launch campaigns through an intuitive WhatsApp message composer. Braze's advanced functionality, such as image support, quick reply buttons, and calls-to-action, can create sophisticated and interactive campaigns that improve engagement and conversions. Additionally, in-dashboard reporting enables brands to track channel performance trends and optimize campaign performance in real-time, by leveraging in-dashboard reporting for sends, deliveries, failures and reads.

  • Strengthen customer connections with two-way conversations: Braze Canvas Flow enables brands to create and visualize two-way WhatsApp conversations. By analyzing real-time customer behaviors, preferences, and cross-channel interactions, brands can create relevant reply messages and branch users into different journeys. In addition, inbound message processing allows brands to respond to customers' messages, collect and confirm opt-ins and opt-outs, and respond to quick reply selections to facilitate a conversational experience.

  • Improve marketing budget and consolidate marketing technology: With direct integration, marketers can eliminate the need for additional technologies and can incorporate WhatsApp into their cross-channel marketing mix, which may help reduce overall spending. Additionally, Braze Audience Sync allows marketers to suppress paid social ads as soon as a customer converts to WhatsApp or any other digital touchpoint, reducing paid media waste.