Cognizant Enhances Pharmaceutical Operations with $800 Million Partnership with Gilead Sciences

Cognizant has announced an extended partnership with Gilead Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company, to manage Gilead's global IT infrastructure, platforms, applications, and advanced analytics. Additionally, Cognizant will lead strategic initiatives aimed at expediting Gilead's digital transformation process. The comprehensive deal encompasses both the renewal and expansion of Cognizant's services, with a total expected value of $800 million over the next five years.

"We're excited about this expanded partnership with Gilead, one of the pharmaceutical industry leaders in adapting advanced technologies to better deliver transformative treatments for patients world-wide. Working together our teams will be leveraging the latest technologies from automation to cloud computing, and Generative AI to help Gilead bring its products to market faster, more efficiently, and with higher customer satisfaction," said Surya Gummadi, Executive Vice President and President, Cognizant Americas.

For over three years, Gilead has been collaborating with Cognizant to achieve better business results. This partnership involves supporting technologies that enhance various aspects of Gilead's operations, such as facilitating business processes, launching new products, and optimizing IT procedures for efficient research, manufacturing, and commercialization of their pharmaceutical products.

"Over the past three years, Cognizant has demonstrated quality delivery, adaptability and dedication to Gilead's success. Through this collaboration, Cognizant has provided critical expertise to progress our digital transformation journey while enabling stable, secure operations. This has allowed us to advance research and commercialization of transformative treatments for some of the world's most challenging diseases. We look forward to expanding this partnership to advance to the next phases of our capability roadmap," said Marc Berson, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Gilead Sciences.

Boosting client experiences  

Cognizant's IT infrastructure, IT security, and IT platform services are geared towards enhancing the overall experience for both internal and external clients in the BioPharma industry. By leveraging these services, Gilead aims to offer specialized and time-sensitive assistance to its customers, supporting their critical projects. The collaboration with Cognizant is expected to enable Gilead to provide a consistent and seamless experience to more than 18,000 internal users spread across 40+ countries worldwide.

In addition, Cognizant will actively assist Gilead in expanding its cloud operations by facilitating the transition to cloud-computing environments in collaboration with leading hyperscalers. Cognizant will play a pivotal role in aiding Gilead's efforts to modernize their business applications on these Cloud Platforms.

Providing enhanced visibility worldwide   

Cognizant's digital transformation efforts for Gilead involve harnessing the capabilities of Generative AI (GenAI) and AI automation to elevate the customer service experience and improve manufacturing efficiencies. The integration of GenAI advancements is expected to provide enhanced visibility and transparency about Gilead's treatments to patients and internal teams worldwide.

To achieve this, Gilead will utilize Cognizant's Neuro IT service, which is designed for AI automation innovation, streamlining the product launch process and bringing new medications to market more efficiently. Additionally, Cognizant will create and manage applications that introduce novel and enhanced technologies, helping Gilead with streamlined and unique business capabilities.

Moreover, the company will maintain its support for all enterprise data and analytics platforms, spanning various business functions. This includes the implementation of cutting-edge and relevant technologies to ensure exceptional business outcomes that set Gilead apart from its competitors.

Cognizant and ServiceNow have also recently formed a strategic partnership to promote the widespread adoption of AI-driven automation in various industries.