Calabrio Opens a Public Cloud in the Middle East

Calabrio has introduced AI-Powered Interaction Analytics on a public cloud infrastructure specifically designed for the Middle East. This offering is tailored to meet the unique needs of contact centers in the region, boasting features such as local language support, Arabic call transcriptions, and a dedicated public cloud instance based in the UAE.  

Following its acquisition of Teleopti in 2019, Calabrio is an important WFM provider in the Middle East. The company offers a comprehensive approach to tackle distinctive challenges and provide a culturally sensitive and seamless experience for users.

"Calabrio takes pride in extending its leadership in the Middle East with the introduction of Interaction Analytics. We believe that by providing local language support and a local Middle East cloud, we can empower contact centers in the region with the advanced tools they need to enhance agent performance, understand complex customer behaviors, and ultimately drive business success," said Olle Düring, SVP Calabrio International at Calabrio.

Numerous Middle East customers have already embraced Calabrio's cloud solutions from other regions. The establishment of a local public cloud instance in the UAE adds an extra layer of assurance, ensuring compliance with data sovereignty and privacy regulations.

Arabic Transcriptions  

Calabrio's Interaction Analytics offers precise call transcriptions in Arabic, enabling contact centers to leverage a comprehensive suite of AI-driven analytics tools for actionable insights from customer interactions.

Middle East Cloud 

The establishment of a public cloud instance in the UAE ensures that customer data is hosted locally, addressing the demands of data sovereignty and privacy regulations in the Middle East. This also retains the advantages of a true-cloud solution, including scalability, security, and continuous AI-driven software improvements.

Advanced AI-Powered Insights 

Contact center customers in the Middle East can now harness cutting-edge AI technologies to coach agents for improved performance and gain a deeper understanding of customer interactions. This includes identifying intricate patterns in interaction data, analyzing competitors' strategies, and extracting valuable AI-driven insights into customer sentiments.


Calabrio's Interaction Analytics for the Middle East is slated to be generally available immediately after Ramadan, starting April 9. This strategic timing aligns with the region's business calendar, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate this powerful AI-driven tool into their operations.

Speaking of expanding its services, Calabrio has also recently announced that Ascensos, a contact center operator, is employing Calabrio ONE to manage the scheduling of 2,500 agents across seven locations in the UK, Romania, Turkey, and South Africa.