Bloomreach Offers New Communication Channel For Brands and Customers

Commerce experience cloud solutions company Bloomreach has introduced a new mobile messaging feature - App Inbox - through its product Bloomreach Engagement. The app inbox provides a personalized and flexible communication channel within the mobile app experience. Brands can use it to send and store notifications, while customers can access content in real-time or view messages later.

Today, mobile apps have become an essential part of the customer experience. People are increasingly downloading apps for browsing, comparing, and buying products. The app inbox provides a new communication channel, extending the existing mobile messaging options in Bloomreach Engagement, enabling marketers to increase opportunities for mobile engagement and revenue while providing a better customer experience. Compared to mobile push notifications, app inbox messages have a higher average open rate of over 22%.

"The mobile app has become a prominent channel in every marketing strategy, and we wanted to ensure Bloomreach Engagement customers could maximize that channel to its fullest potential. The app inbox will give marketers a non-intrusive way to deliver personalized content for every customer — even customers that have opted out of push notifications. It's yet another way to fuel a personalized, omnichannel marketing strategy with Bloomreach Engagement," said Michal Novovesky, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Engagement.

The app inbox is a powerful marketing tool that enables brands to reach their entire mobile audience. Messages are stored within the inbox and are non-intrusive, allowing customers to access them in real-time or at their convenience and making it possible for marketers to reach out to those who have opted for push notifications.

Marketers can also control the length of time messages remain in the inbox, giving them greater control over customer engagement. In addition, the app inbox provides ongoing communication that results in measurable outcomes for marketers and better customer experiences.

 About Bloomreach

Bloomreach's Commerce Experience Cloud platform allows businesses to create personalized and effective digital commerce experiences for their customers. The platform includes various products, such as Discovery (an AI-powered search and merchandising tool), Content (a headless CMS), and Engagement (a customer data platform and marketing automation solution). By leveraging unified customer and product data and AI optimization, Bloomreach enables businesses to create revenue-generating digital commerce experiences that work across all channels and customer journeys.