What’s New in Verint?

Verint unveiled its Open Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform, aiming to deliver a comprehensive solution for businesses, at the ENGAGE 2023 flagship event. In addition, Verint introduced advanced AI capabilities under the name Verint Da Vinci, as well as Verint Enterprise Experience Management (XM), all to gain valuable insights and enhance business processes.

Open CCaaS Platform  

Verint's Open CCaaS Platform empowers organizations to make informed decisions by offering CX automation, leading to reduced operating costs and enabling them to establish exceptional contact center operations.

“Industry labor spend is already very high at $2 trillion annually. Brands can no longer hire their way to providing better customer experiences. Verint is leading the industry with a CX automation platform purposely built to address the most strategic challenges of the contact center. In today’s fast-paced technology environment, brands adopt platforms that are open in all dimensions to future proof their contact centers. They need a platform that is designed to augment their human workforce with an effective team of specialized AI bots to deliver tangible business outcomes,” says Dan Bodner, Chairman and CEO, Verint.

Furthermore, Verint's Open CCaaS Platform incorporates the cutting-edge AI models of Verint Da Vinci AI, allowing agents to leverage AI capabilities. Specialized bots powered by Verint Da Vinci AI assist the contact center workforce in tasks like containment, forecasting, compliance, agent coaching, and interaction wrap-up. By harnessing AI to augment the workforce, agents can focus on addressing more complex customer issues. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing customer ecosystems, allowing brands to initiate CX automation at their own pace and maximize its potential. This flexible approach enables brands to achieve tangible business outcomes and evolve towards best-in-class contact center operations, both in the present and in the future.

Verint Da Vinci AI 

Verint Da Vinci AI, serving as the foundation of the Verint Open CCaaS Platform, helps brands harness the potential of AI and achieve tangible business outcomes. This innovative AI solution is built upon an open, secure, and data-driven design, seamlessly integrating commercially available models such as ChatGPT with Verint's own AI capabilities. The Verint Da Vinci AI models are trained using extensive customer engagement data collected over the past two decades, as well as real-time data from the Verint Open CCaaS Platform, ensuring continuous training and optimization for successful performance.

Verint Interaction Wrap-Up Saves Millions in Agent Productivity 

Agents typically spend around 20% of their time on "interaction wrap-up" tasks, also known as "after-call" work. This involves manually summarizing interactions, which can be time-consuming and lead to incomplete or less usable information for the next agent.

The time agents spend between calls can result in significant additional labor costs for companies. Verint Interaction Wrap-Up addresses this challenge by leveraging Generative AI. By utilizing deep learning and advanced algorithms like ChatGPT, Verint's solution provides real-time transcription accuracy and automatically generates interaction summaries. This reduces the need for agents to create manual summaries and standardizes the summary format for improved usability by future agents.

In addition, Verint Da Vinci Interaction Transfer Bot enhances the customer experience by seamlessly transitioning from self-service to assisted service. With Verint Interaction Transfer Bot, agents are instantly presented with a summary of the self-service interaction, enabling them to understand the reason for the transfer more efficiently. This reduces average handling times and increases customer satisfaction scores.

Verint Engagement Data Insights 

Verint Engagement Data Insights is a user-friendly solution that empowers business users with self-service access to their engagement data. Leveraging Verint Da Vinci AI for natural language search, this new offering allows users to explore their organization's data without the need for coding or extensive training.

After users ask questions or type queries into the intuitive search-driven interface, the solution provides them with actionable insights into business operations by leveraging Natural Language Search and Generative AI.  It offers pre-built self-service dashboards and reports that transform raw data into visualizations and metrics, enabling business leaders to monitor key performance indicators, track customer interactions and experiences, and analyze agent performance.

Verint Enterprise Experience Management (XM)  

The abundance of data and organizational silos today pose challenges in sharing insights and coordinating actions effectively. Verint addresses these challenges by empowering CX leaders to break down silos and obtain a unified view of the voice of the customer (VoC) through their Enterprise XM solution.

Verint Enterprise XM provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, including collecting direct and inferred feedback, conducting advanced CX analysis, generating detailed reports, and automating actions.

For the digital domain, Verint Enterprise XM captures and analyzes data from web, mobile, social media, and survey feedback, providing insights into the customer experience in the digital realm. It also includes geo-location capabilities for capturing and analyzing customer feedback at physical store locations, allowing businesses to understand the customer experience in their stores and branches.

Moreover, Verint Enterprise XM collects and analyzes unstructured data from voice and text channels, as well as post-interaction surveys, within the contact center, providing valuable insights into the outcomes of customer interactions.

Elsewhere, Verint has also announced enhanced features for its Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA).