Capacity Acquires Textel to Boost SMS with Conversational AI

AI-powered support automation platform Capacity has acquired a cloud-based texting platform Textel, for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will boost the end-user customer experience by adding AI-based text messaging features to Capacity's portfolio of capabilities.

According to Gartner, 80% of organizations will stop using native mobile apps and adopt text-based customer service by 2025. However, SMS solutions often still require human interference, as these solutions only offer two-way functionality. By working together, Capacity and Textel aim to enhance experiences by adding advanced two-way SMS features powered by AI to Capacity's solutions and incorporating automation into Textel's services.

"Providing the ideal customer experience is top of mind for businesses, but can create redundant tasks that prevent employees from focusing on more complex projects requiring a higher level of attention. Capacity eliminates repetitive tasks by streamlining support via web, mobile, email and internal chat. Still, we needed to incorporate a missing element to the equation: SMS," Adding Textel's deep expertise in SMS messaging will allow us to enrich our current offering and give teams even more time back in their days to complete their best work," said David Karandish, Co-founder and CEO, Capacity.

Capacity and Textel are dedicated to helping companies improve their customer service and increase efficiency for their teams. By joining forces, they will offer their services to a wider range of organizations and industries, such as contact centers, small businesses, and high-growth companies that are looking to transform their customer support.

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"The Textel team has made incredible strides in forming partnerships with the industry's top CCaaS, UCaaS, and POS platform creators and tailoring our platform to perform at the highest level, not only for small businesses but also for household name brands at the national and global level. Our partner-centric approach creates an 'easy button' for our newly combined team to drive value for our partners and help any organization that wants to keep its internal teams focused," said James Diel, co-founder, and CEO, Textel.

About Capacity

Founded in 2017, Capacity offers an AI-based platform for automating customer support connecting customers to different tools and systems to answer frequently asked questions, automate repetitive tasks, and find solutions for various business challenges. It offers multiple communication channels like chat, email, and SMS to help teams work more efficiently.

About Textel

Founded in 2014, Textel provides a messaging platform for businesses and contact centers. Textel aims to enhance the customer experience, increase engagement, improve contact center performance and drive revenue. The company serves clients from all around the world and helps businesses such as Genesys, NICE, and RingCentral communicate more quickly and efficiently.