Drift Introduces GPT Integration to Provide Suggested Replies in Live Chat

Conversation marketing platform Drift has announced a generative pretrained transformer (GPT) integration to provide AI-generated suggested replies in live chat.

Currently available to Drift customers in beta, the integration gives sales representatives "an extra pair of hands, " enabling them to respond to complex customer questions faster without leaving the conversation.

The way the integration works is by analyzing the content on the company's website and marketing materials, along with the context of that specific conversation, and providing suitable replies. Then, the sales rep has the option to customize the suggested reply before sending, or dismiss it and generate a new one if the first one doesn't fit.

The suggested replies also help new sales reps in on-the-job training as they get to know how to respond accurately and in the right brand voice. The integration aims to bridge the gaps in education and training, as they are some of the top barriers to AI adoption in 2022. With the launch of ChatGPT, the general public gets to experience just a fraction of the potential of generative AI.

"The buzz around ChatGPT, and the widespread experimentation that followed, has only underscored that conversation-based AI is paving the way of the future. But, it needs to be tailored to solve meaningful business challenges. With Drift's ability to use Conversational AI to contextualize responses that augment the efforts of human teams, we've created a feature that helps sales reps of all experience levels be more productive, particularly relevant now with pressure on during a more difficult economic climate," said Matt Tippets, Senior Vice President at Drift.

Additional features that will be available later this year within the Drift GPT integration include automated content creation and ongoing optimization of playbooks, and automation onboarding and AI topic training. Further, the integration will enter its Beta stage in March with select customers, after which it will become more widely available to Drift's customers.

While the Drift platform already leverages conversational AI, the GPT integration will allow marketing and sales reps to personalize interactions at every step of the customer's journey. The platform offers hundreds of integrations across marketing automation, CRM, and e-commerce.