Chatbots Are a “Waste of Time” for Over 70% of Consumers, Research Reveals

UJET has released the findings of recent research, which show that many consumers find chatbots to be a "waste of time" and that 80% of them reported feeling frustrated because of poor chatbot services.

Collecting answers from almost 1,700 respondents over the past 12 months, the research shows that brands might be losing credibility because of their consumers' frustration with chatbots.

Notable statistics corroborating this claim are:

  • 80% of consumers said interacting with a chatbot increased their frustration level

  • 78% of consumers had to connect with a human after not being able to resolve their needs through an automated service channel

  • 63% stated that their interaction with a chatbot did not result in a resolution

  • 72% felt that using a chatbot for customer service was a waste of time

  • 54% of consumers believe that a phone call with a live agent provides the fastest resolution and a better customer experience

  • 73% said that brands could significantly boost customer experience by resolving problems on first contact

“Brands cannot provide great customer service through simply adopting automation. Leaders must be intentional on how they design and implement automation to add value to the consumer, service workers, and the business’s bottom line. Our findings highlight the challenges brands face with implementing automation to decrease wait times, improve first contact resolution, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The key to success is achieving the right marriage between virtual and human agents in managing those consumer interactions,” said Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Justin Robbins, who led the research for UJET.

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According to UJET’s previous research, 87% of consumers said they would spend less money or wouldn't spend at all on brands that tighten their belts when it comes to customer service. Moreover, research by PWC revealed that 32% of customers would change companies immediately after a negative experience, and 43% would pay more for greater convenience.

Because of the current economic headwinds, most companies are cautious with decision-making about new investments in automated solutions. UJET’s research might be able to provide a realistic image of consumers' opinions on these solutions, as it reveals first-hand attitudes of consumers about chatbots, which are currently used by 23% of customer service companies.

This news comes on the heels of the company's launch of UJET Connect, a new feature that enables Cisco, Genesys, and Avaya customers to seamlessly migrate from their existing platforms to the cloud, leveraging commercial incentives to reduce the costs of transitioning.