Glia Redefines Customer Interaction with Unified Interaction Management

Glia has introduced a groundbreaking approach to customer experience with Unified Interaction Management (UIM) - an innovative customer experience model that transforms traditional practices by consolidating all interactions onto a single platform. This eliminates the data and context gaps often associated with channel-switching in customer interactions.  

UIM stands as an impactful replacement for the fragmented Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) approach, which relies on siloed digital solutions built on legacy telephony platforms, resulting in inefficiencies and subpar customer experiences.

"Businesses that shift from channel management to Unified Interaction Management put their customers at the center of each experience, ensuring fluid movement across interaction channels to accelerate resolution. UIM is the future of customer experience technology. Companies will drive efficiency, revenue and loyalty because they won't have the limitations of traditional CCaaS. We believe this new category will completely redefine how businesses interact with their customers," said Dan Michaeli, CEO and Co-Founder of Glia.

Why UIM matters 

Despite attempts by CCaaS vendors to integrate digital and AI capabilities, their telephony-centric systems kept interactions, data, and reporting scattered across multiple screens and fragmented channel silos.

UIM presents a transformative solution that streamlines customer interactions across channels. By preserving context, it optimizes experiences for both customers and staff, providing enhanced management and reporting capabilities. UIM eliminates the need for customers to repetitively convey information across various channels, seamlessly moving the interaction to the most suitable point of service.

Leveraging Glia's innovative ChannelLess Architecture, the Glia Interaction Platform fully integrates Digital Customer Service (DCS), traditional Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) capabilities, and AI-powered automation encompassing virtual assistants and staff guidance. This comprehensive approach delivers on the promise of UIM by uniting interactions, simplifying the customer experience, and creating operational efficiency.

Key features of the UIM platform 

UIM enables unified customer interactions across channels, ensuring continuity of context for an optimized experience for both customers and staff.

In addition, it allows for a dynamic shift in interaction volumes between Voice, Digital, SMS, and Chatbots, boosting revenue, operational efficiency, and customer loyalty.

Integrating AI capabilities at various stages of the customer and service rep journey reduces workload, enhances response times, and drives overall efficiency.

In other news, Glia has introduced innovative generative AI tools to assist financial institutions in enhancing efficiency and delivering an improved customer experience while maintaining high safety and security.