Clari Appoints New Chief Product Officer and Unveils New European Hub  

Clari has named Rohit Shrivastava its EVP (Executive Vice President) and Chief Product Officer. Shrivastava, formerly the Chief Product Officer at Anaplan, will be key in expanding Clari's position as the industry's sole comprehensive end-to-end revenue platform.

This platform is known for its effectiveness in helping businesses prevent revenue loss and enhance revenue accuracy. Additionally, Clari has disclosed establishing a new center in Kraków, Poland, dedicated to engineering, product development, and support to facilitate its global growth.

Rohit Shrivastava joining Clari and the company's commitment to expanding its European operations and workforce comes after Clari's acquisition of Groove.

“I’m thrilled to join the exceptional team at Clari as its Chief Product Officer, particularly at a time of such immense, transformational opportunity for Clari and its customers. In the current market environment, all enterprises are looking to transform their businesses and drive profitable revenue growth, and Clari is the only revenue platform that brings together critical capabilities across revenue operations, forecasting, conversation intelligence, and sales engagement to stop revenue leak and drive revenue precision,” said Shrivastava.

Having previously worked with industry giants like Anaplan, Amazon, and Cisco, Rohit Shrivastava brings extensive experience in shaping product strategies, nurturing and expanding platform-driven ventures, and guiding international cross-functional teams in developing and growing innovative products and services. In his new role, Shrivastava will oversee Clari's product strategy and plans, recruit top-tier talent, and enhance the scalability of product systems and processes.

New Poland engineering hub  

Clari has also established a new center in Kraków, Poland, to draw top engineering talent worldwide and better cater to its expanding global clientele. Under the leadership of VP of Engineering Martin Burlinski, this hub will play a vital role in Clari's operations. It will house a workforce specializing in AI and machine learning, architectural development, and product management. Additionally, the center will offer customer support services to clients worldwide, focusing on serving Clari's rapidly expanding European customer base.

“Kraków is a highly strategic location for serving Clari’s burgeoning customer base and attracting world-class enterprise software talent. This new center is a tangible representation of Clari’s ongoing commitment to revenue technology leadership as well as exceptional customer support. I look forward to growing the team with new talent from across Europe, accelerating the integration of Groove, and further building out Clari’s market-leading platform capabilities,” said Burlinski.

In March this year, Clari introduced the Clari Integration Hub, a central source for gathering and organizing essential revenue signals from over 40 integrated technologies and solutions throughout the revenue ecosystem.