Millennials Have the Highest Standards for Customer Service of Any Generation

Understanding customer needs and preferences is the foundation of business success. However, these preferences are far from uniform across the diverse generational spectrum. From the tech-savvy Generation Z to the traditional boomers, each generation exhibits distinct behaviors and expectations that shape their interactions with brands.

Latest Genesys research report entitled “Generational dynamics and the experience economy” reveals the intricate dynamics of these cohorts and their attitudes toward AI adoption in the workplace, personalization, and communication channel preferences.

While the research reveals distinctions among generations spanning different continents, there is also a striking number of similarities. Regardless of cultural differences, some expectations - such as quality and price - remain the same.

Millennials set the highest standards in CX

Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) have the highest standards for customer service of any generation globally. The CX elements they value most are personalized interactions (65%), a seamless transition between communication channels (71%) and convenient self-service options (63%). As employees, millennials (and Gen Z) prioritize supportive work environment and culture, as well as work-life balance over good compensation and benefits. Similarly, 71% of millennials prefer to employers that offer hybrid and remote work options.

Technology reigns supreme for Gen Z

Having grown up with smartphones and tablets in their hands, it's not surprise that Gen Z welcomes emerging technology with open arms. In fact, 67% of them expects their employers to embrace new technologies. Interestingly, few Gen Zers fear being replaced by AI in the workplace; only 10% have such concerns in the long run. In addition, 68% of this generation places high value on customer reviews and ratings before making a purchase.

Boomers and Gen X are neck and neck

While younger generations are keeping up with the latest technology trends when it comes to customer service, only 22% of boomers show interest in this area. Gen X and boomers (60%) also have lower expectations of their employers in this regard compared to millennials and Gen Z. Customer reviews play a minor role when it comes to purchase decision-making with only 39% of boomers taking them into account.

Lastly, traditional office work poses no issue for Gen X and boomers, with just under 70% of these generations considering hybrid and remote work options when job hunting.

In an era where experiences can make or break an organization, regardless of whether it's a large multinational corporation or a small local business, the report highlights how meeting the distinct expectations of each generation can drive lasting loyalty and business expansion.