Clari Acquires Sales Engagement Solutions Platform Groove

Clari has revealed its acquisition of Groove, a sales engagement solutions company. By combining Groove's sales engagement expertise with Clari's AI-driven Revenue Platform, businesses will gain unparalleled insight, foresight, and management control throughout the entire revenue cycle. This integration will deliver substantial benefits, including reduced technology expenses and intricacies, along with amplified pipeline growth, higher conversion rates, and increased success in closing deals.

“Most CEOs have a tough time answering the most important question in business: ‘Will we meet, beat, or miss on revenue? By bringing together Clari and Groove, revenue leaders can implement their revenue collaboration and governance strategy across all internal and external workflows, giving them full visibility and control over the company's most important business process – Revenue,” said Andy Byrne, CEO, Clari.

Clari's enhanced features will help revenue teams across all levels, spanning from individual representatives to top-level executives. This enhancement offers a distinct blend of forecasts, valuable insights, and strategic action plans. Groove's advanced sales engagement suite will help representatives generate more pipelines and execute their sales strategies in a personalized and efficient manner.

By incorporating Groove into its framework, Clari solidifies its status as a provider of a comprehensive Revenue Platform capable of handling every aspect of internal and external revenue operations. This encompasses a wide range of functionalities such as sales engagement, conversational intelligence, deal management, revenue forecasting, collaborative action plans, and data collection and integration. What's more, this entire suite draws its power from RevDB, the largest revenue database globally, boasting a staggering $1.5 trillion in managed revenue.

For quite some time, Clari has heavily invested in developing its RevDB architecture, which serves as the underlying foundation for the company's unparalleled revenue-focused AI capabilities, known as RevAI. The integration of Groove into Clari's offerings brings a significant enhancement, as revenue teams will now have access to instantaneous insights and recommended actions across all revenue-related processes. This aids in generating and converting more potential business opportunities. Simultaneously, organizational leaders will gain the ability to track each input, link activities to outcomes, and accurately forecast revenue results.

“Clari’s acquisition of Groove is a game-changer. Both Clari and Groove are already core to our revenue tech stack — Clari runs our revenue process, with insights and predictions I trust. Groove enables our customer teams to turn these insights into execution by helping increase engagement with the right brand and message to the right people. Helping us land new customers efficiently and predictably while expanding the depth and advocacy of our base is crucial for us. Clari and Groove, in one simple platform, delivers everything I need. It’s a winning combination for CROs,said Ted Purcell, Chief Revenue Officer at customer data platform provider Tealium.

Back in March, Clari introduced the Clari Integration Hub, which is a central source for gathering and organizing essential revenue signals from over 40 integrated technologies and solutions throughout the revenue ecosystem.