Cogito Releases a Personalized Coaching Solution for Frontline Teams

Real-time coaching and guidance software vendor Cogito has released a new solution that aims to improve the employee experience of frontline teams.

The new solution, Personalized Coaching, helps employees handle complex customer queries while focusing on professional development based on each agent's skills. Moreover, the solution provides a dashboard that reviews speaking behavior from emotion cues and key conversation topics. Then, the solution uses AI to evaluate agents' skills and needs and provides direct feedback on their progress toward individual goals.

Personalized Coaching also rewards agents with positive recognition from supervisors.

“Well-being has always been at the heart of our technology, creating solutions that equip individuals with real-time emotional intelligence and insights to improve their ability to deliver more caring, differentiated experiences.”

“As we navigate a changing workforce, we expect to place a more considerable emphasis on the applications of data to improve frontline employee experiences and, consequently, the interaction between agents and customers. Cogito ensures enterprise frontline teams are equipped with resources to enhance and improve these human interactions with the tools and guidance that empower humans,” said Joshua Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito.

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The solution also reviews all calls with specific targets automatically identified, giving supervisors more time to focus on developing their team skills.

Other key features of Personalized Coaching include Plan Creation and Goal Tracking, along with Organizational Goals and Coaching Goals. In addition, supervisors can manage and adjust plans and designate a time of their choosing for the coaching period to resume.