Workato’s AI@Work Platform Gets a Power Boost Through OpenAI Partnership

Enterprise Automation platform Workato has partnered with OpenAI to incorporate various AI models developed by OpenAI, as well as future releases, into Workato's secure platform. Workato will carefully select the appropriate models from OpenAI's repertoire to integrate into its platform, catering to the specific needs and requirements of its customers.

Workato's own AI/ML models, called RecipeIQ, are currently used to enhance automation and integration design by aiding in data mapping and logic and offering recommendations for the next steps. Through its collaboration with OpenAI, Workato aims to integrate OpenAI's existing models into its platform, enabling the use of generative AI to streamline the process of building automation and integrations.

“Today, the massive productivity, efficiencies, and innovations AI can bring to businesses are only limited by the scale with which companies adopt it. Workato’s unique approach to AI, called AI@Work, brings the power of AI, Automation, and Integration capabilities into a single platform to enable enterprises to rapidly adopt AI at scale. With OpenAI and its advanced AI technology, Workato customers will accelerate their automation journeys, and easily use AI for building intelligent products and services,”said Gautham Viswanathan, co-founder, and Chief Product Officer at Workato.

Workato adopts a similar approach to AI as it does with automation and integration, aiming to provide every individual within an organization with the tools and confidence to build, irrespective of their skill level. In addition to the existing AI-powered connectors and copilots, the collaboration with OpenAI will bring forthcoming releases that further enhance Workato's capabilities.

Workato's AI-powered releases  

Workato Copilot is a feature that leverages generative AI to empower every member of an organization to convert natural language prompts into impactful Workato recipes. These recipes can automate various business processes or create connectors for different applications.

With Workato AI Connect, users can create innovative products and services that offer intelligent personalization, improved customer support, content generation and curation, and a plethora of other solutions.

WorkbotGPT simplifies the automation process by eliminating the requirement for complex coding or technical knowledge. Users can now leverage the convenience of natural language descriptions to express their automation requirements directly within collaboration platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. By utilizing the capabilities of Workbot, users can seamlessly interact with enterprise applications and data using conversational language, creating integrations, and automating workflows without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Workato's AI@Work relies on Language Models (LLMs) that have been customized and trained using proprietary data sourced from Workato's vast public community. This data includes a wide range of automation, integrations, APIs, and connectors created by Workato users.