Cognigy Releases Its Knowledge AI Solution

Cognigy’s new Knowledge AI solution combines generative question-answering, enterprise knowledge, and hyper-personalized interactions, to help create AI agents that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

With the aim to transform customer service and agent support by merging LLMs and advanced vector search technology, Knowledge AI utilizes diverse knowledge sources to extract and summarize the most accurate answer to every customer query.

Since Knowledge AI integrates with CRM, customers can expect hyper-personalized conversations based on previously collected data.

"Cognigy Knowledge AI is enterprise-class, safe and secure Generative AI-powered knowledge search and retrieval. As market leaders in transforming customer service and agent support, we continue to enhance our offerings with the latest AI innovations – with the intentions of making technology easy to use and empowering businesses to provide unparalleled service experiences," said Philipp Heltewig, CEO and co-founder of Cognigy.

The solution promises high efficiency, which enables customers to find what they are looking for in a single interaction. Through deep backend integrations, Cognigy combines Knowledge AI with the ability to serve and solve transactional queries from start to finish.

Knowledge AI is built to be easy to use for agents of all levels of experience - the goal is to always deliver accurate and speedy service regardless of who is on the other end of the line.

Finally, businesses can cut down costs and streamline processes by eliminating manual creation and maintenance of FAQ sets. Instead, they can simply upload documents such as existing PDF files or connect to enterprise knowledge sources.