NICE CXone Summer 2023 Release Streamlines Customer Interaction Management

NICE has unveiled the Summer 2023 Release of CXone, featuring enhanced capabilities powered by Enlighten, with the aim of streamlining the management of interactions between customers, agents, and the overall business.  

“For organizations seeking to differentiate their brand’s CX, CXone coupled with Enlighten continues to be the choice for businesses and public service agencies to deliver that experience.Our summer release continues to echo our commitment to making CXone the most open CCaaS platform in the market and the most advanced customer journey orchestration engine that delivers solutions with employees’ needs in mind, helping them excel,” said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE.

New Integration Hub  

NICE has extended its open cloud foundation by introducing the Integration Hub, a brand-new interface that is secure, consolidated, and offers low-code/no-code capabilities. This hub allows businesses to effortlessly connect their third-party applications within their CX application stack. This enables them to eliminate the problem of data silos and integration challenges, effectively tackling the growing complexity of technology stacks within organizations.

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Boosted CXone Supervisor Workspace 

The company is introducing significant improvements to the CXone Supervisor workspace, which aims to revolutionize the way supervisors manage their teams. Powered by Enlighten, NICE's core AI engine, and Real-Time Behavioral Guidance, this Supervisor solution directs supervisors' attention to the areas that require the most focus. It provides a comprehensive view of all touchpoints and monitoring capabilities across all agents and channels, including digital channels, giving supervisors the tools they need to make quick and well-informed decisions in real-time.

Additionally, Enlighten enables supervisors to track and report Sales Effectiveness scores, offering real-time performance scores for sales-focused agents and allowing supervisors to intervene when necessary to achieve optimal outcomes.

In this release, NICE is introducing CXone PM Application Analytics, a tool designed to pinpoint areas where operational improvements and employee performance enhancements are possible. This solution equips both agents and supervisors with valuable insights, enabling them to make decisions based on data to boost their team's effectiveness and output.

Furthermore, CXone ACD/IVR is now accessible to users on Microsoft Azure, enabling it to operate across multiple cloud platforms.

In other news, NICE has introduced "Industry Benchmarks," a feature that enhances the capabilities of its AI-powered platform - Enlighten Action.