Unveils New Customer Data Platform

Customer Engagement Platform has launched its new customer data platform (CDP) - Data Pipelines - to enhance customer data management and streamline data processing, enabling marketers to optimize their customer engagement strategies effectively.

Data Pipelines simplifies the process for businesses to gather and merge data from different sources, such as websites, servers, and ad platforms. Acting as a centralized hub, it efficiently sends real-time data to various destinations like Mixpanel, Amplitude, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and TikTok.

“By centralizing customer data, Data Pipelines enables marketers to gain a deeper understanding of their audience, make data-driven decisions, and deliver personalized experiences to their customers. This elevated level of personalization increases the ROI of marketing efforts by improving engagement and driving better results,” shares Founder and CEO Colin Nederkoorn.

The CDP meets the needs of existing infrastructures 

Data Pipelines caters to the unique data sources and storage preferences of each business. The platform ensures seamless integration with prominent databases and data warehouse destinations, including Google BigQuery, Postgres, and Snowflake.

For companies using different customer communication solutions, Data Pipelines can be used as a standalone product. It integrates with popular messaging platforms like Braze, MoEngage, Pardot, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, offering flexible and comprehensive data management and delivery options for businesses of all types.

The CDP supports the existing company tools  

Data Pipelines bridges the gap between a company's data and the tools they already utilize and offers different source and destination options, allowing businesses to effortlessly integrate with popular platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, and Google Sheets.

The CDP is designed to support enterprise-scale operations and performance. Through rigorous testing during the early access phase, Data Pipelines proved its capabilities by processing billions of API calls seamlessly, handling the demands of businesses of all sizes.

Free of charge until the end of 2023 is making Data Pipelines available to all businesses with a special limited-time promotion. By signing up for Data Pipelines before August 24, 2023, businesses can receive unlimited API calls until the end of the year. This promotion offers various benefits, such as the opportunity to test Data Pipelines without incurring extra expenses, effortlessly transition from existing solutions, and accurately forecast future costs for budget planning in 2024.