Emplifi Upgrades its Platform with Analytics Solution

Emplifi’s Unified Analytics gives brands the ability to aggregate, analyze, and activate customer data for faster business agility

Emplifi has launched Unified Analytics, a new solution that aggregates, analyzes, and presents customer data. As an integral part of Emplifi’s Customer Engagement platform, the solution provides comprehensive business insights, including social media data, customer service and case management data, customer feedback, and influencer marketing analytics.

“Unified Analytics is more than just another analytics tool – it’s the engine for analyzing and presenting data from diverse customer touch points in one unified view. Marketing, commerce and care professionals, department heads, and executives can escape the data maze, leveraging one platform for analytics and reporting across multiple data sources. Unified Analytics gives teams access to real-time, actionable insights that help them improve operational efficiency, identify issues, and track progress at the touch of a button,” said Emplifi CMO, Zarnaz Arlia.

The solution serves as a unified data repository that offers intuitive visualization tools and advanced reporting to enable brands to have a 360 view of their business and customer performance.

The intuitive user interface and easy-to-use functionality eliminate time-consuming tasks like managing data in spreadsheets or importing and exporting critical information from business intelligence tools. The added visualization tools help teams create graphs and charts that convert raw data into meaningful narratives.

Unified Analytics enhances collaboration as it brings together social media marketers, marketing teams, e-commerce teams, care center personnel, management, and executives on a single platform. This way, data is never siloed, and disparate point tools are in one, coherent, actionable view.

This announcement builds upon Emplifi's latest product release, which includes various social marketing capabilities, commerce, and service solutions.