Dialpad’s New Release Strengthens Customer Data Protection  

Dialpad has introduced a new feature - PII Redaction - that leverages AI technology to protect personal identifiable information (PII) and give users more control over their data. PII Redaction is integrated into Dialpad's comprehensive suite of solutions, including sales, voice communication, meetings, messaging, and contact center services, under the umbrella of Dialpad Ai.

In the age of AI, safeguarding user privacy and offering the capability to remove sensitive data from documents has never been more crucial for companies. This is especially relevant as the number of data breaches affecting Americans increased by 42% in 2021, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced privacy protection tools.

“The launch of PII Redaction marks a major milestone in safeguarding customer data, enabling the full utilization of Dialpad's cutting-edge Ai solutions without jeopardizing trust. This advancement reinforces our unwavering commitment to customer privacy protection and allows us to continue elevating Dialpad’s user experience through enhanced Ai capabilities,said Dan O’Connell, Chief Ai & Strategy Officer at Dialpad.

Dialpad customers can benefit from the efficiencies offered by its transcription engine without compromising sensitive data.

Ensuring privacy protection and compliance  

PII Redaction employs advanced algorithms and machine learning to automatically identify and redact specific numeric personal information, such as credit card numbers and Social Security Numbers. This prevents unauthorized access and ensures customer privacy. Any redacted information, such as transcripts or call summaries, will not appear in post-call interfaces.

Further, PII Redaction helps organizations comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. It promotes good data minimization practices while reducing the risk of data breaches and leaks.

By automating the redaction process, businesses, especially those dealing with large volumes of data, can quickly and easily reduce the costs associated with manual data redaction.     

The feature is immediately available for those who opt-in, allowing customers to trust organizations with their sensitive data, knowing that it is well protected.

PII Redaction is the latest addition to Dialpad's "12 Months of AI" initiative, which involves releasing a new AI-powered feature every month to transform how businesses communicate, collaborate, and sell. Dialpad has already introduced features like Ai Recap, Ai Scorecards, Ai Coaching Hub, Ai Playbooks, and DialpadGPT.

Currently, PII Redaction is available as an Early Access Program (EAP) product, and customers can enable it immediately by opting in through the sign-up form.