Dialpad CEO: Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Adds a Layer of Contextual Depth to the Platform

Dialpad has announced a partnership with Google Cloud with the aim of developing new generative AI capabilities that will make it easier for Dialpad customers to work more efficiently. The partnership will bring Google Cloud Vertex AI capabilities to the Dialpad platform, allowing it to provide even more customer insights and improve team productivity and collaboration while enhancing sales and service teams' intelligence and interactions with customers.

“As an Ai-Powered platform focused on transforming how the world works together and a long-time partner of Google, Dialpad is thrilled to work with Google Cloud on new generative Ai capabilities. We infused Ai into our platform five years ago — and building it out responsibly is a facet that we’ve always taken seriously. Google is a longstanding AI industry innovator — which is a key reason why Google Cloud’s generative AI is the right technology for us to leverage as we continue to deliver new features and capabilities in a way that is responsible and sustainable. Vertex AI brings an added layer of contextual depth to Dialpad’s platform, bubbling up customer insights in real-time to make it easier for salespeople and customer service agents to do their job — which has been the core of our mission since day one,” said Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad.

The Dialpad and Google Cloud partnership aims to address the biggest challenges faced by businesses when deploying AI solutions. By establishing the proper foundations and prioritizing usability and intelligence, the partnership strives to provide customers with a seamless and effective AI solution, regardless of where they are.

“Generative AI has the potential to simplify many of our most common tasks at work. As a true cloud-native and innovator company in the industry, we are delighted to partner with Dialpad in support of their mission and to bring Google Cloud generative AI to users in new and helpful ways,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud.

Dialpad provides a unified platform that combines calls, messages, and meetings along with real-time AI insights, eliminating the need for users to switch between different applications or browsers. The partnership with Google Cloud aims to support business leaders by offering pre-built models that make it easier for any size organization to leverage AI. With Google Cloud's generative AI capabilities, customers can quickly implement this technology to achieve their desired business outcomes, such as improved productivity, enhanced customer insights, and better team collaboration.

Dialpad's AI offerings  

Dialpad's recent advancements in AI technology, such as Ai Recap and Ai Playbooks, offer numerous benefits to businesses and how they communicate, collaborate and sell.

Ai Recap helps save time with concise meeting summaries which emphasize relevant information. In addition, Ai Recap aims to simplify decision-making and improve cross-departmental efficiency. By automatically categorizing and identifying the purpose and outcome of each call, this feature enables users to find relevant information when they need it quickly.

Dialpad's Ai Playbooks feature is designed to improve the performance of customer service representatives and salespeople by providing real-time, context-sensitive suggestions and prompts to agents during their interactions with customers. By leveraging AI, Ai Playbooks can help agents to address important issues better, such as predicting customer churn.

The company's Ai Scorecards feature is designed to improve the interactions between sales and customer service agents and their customers. It achieves this by evaluating call interactions and generating personalized, data-driven insights in real-time. The aim is to enhance agent performance and motivation while improving the customer experience.

Google Cloud's BigQuery 

Google's BigQuery enterprise data warehouse can facilitate cross-functional collaboration by breaking down data silos created by AI. By providing teams with a single source of truth, BigQuery can drive efficiency and productivity.

Updates to Ai Recap will roll out in early May, and updates to Ai Playbooks and Ai Scorecards will be available in early summer 2023.

Dialpad's partnership with Google Cloud helps the company further develop its AI capabilities. In December 2022, Dialpad announced a $50 million investment in AI-related research and development, as well as the creation of Dialpad Ai Labs.