Factoreal Releases Agent App to Streamline Conversations within WhatsApp Business

Customer engagement platform Factoreal has launched a new product - Agent App - designed to help businesses improve their customer acquisition and retention strategies through WhatsApp Business and the company website. Agent App offers chat routing features that ensure visitor chats are directed to the most suitable agents, thus improving the customer service experience.

“ With Factoreal Agent App, businesses can now gain greater control of their communication channels on WhatsApp Business and through their website. Within any organization, time, speed, and personal touch are paramount. Agent App provides greater flexibility to businesses to manage their ongoing conversations with customers. By creating different rules for your Message Routing right from within the Factoreal application, we believe the Agent App will become the technology stack of choice for all growing businesses,” said Aditya Dhruva, CEO at Factoreal.

The rise of WhatsApp Businesses and Live Chats 

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users globally, making it one of the most widely used messaging apps today. In 2018, Meta introduced WhatsApp Business to help businesses communicate with customers more efficiently. For instance, the sports industry has taken advantage of this platform, with many soccer teams in Europe and Latin America using it for marketing, messaging, and engaging with fans.

Forrester reports that 41% of customers expect live chat to be available on a company's website, while this expectation increases to 50% for customers using mobile devices. Additionally, J.D. Power found that live chat has become the most popular digital contact method for online customers, with 42% of customers preferring it over email (23%) and social media or forums (16%). Another survey found that 46% of customers prefer live chat compared to email (29%) and social media (16%).

About Agent App 

Factoreal's Agent App is a new messaging tool that allows customer engagement agents to oversee, monitor, and manage all ongoing conversations on the company's WhatsApp Business or website from any location in real-time. The app enables businesses to transition from automated chatbot interactions to human engagement. Additionally, the Agent App allows businesses to connect with customers while they are on the go and enables them to assign conversations to any customer engagement representative.

Key benefits of the Agent App include observing bot and live-chat conversations, talking to customers in real-time, obtaining the customer's profile and full-timestamp transcripts, and receiving alerts if customers have questions.