Genesys Secures StateRAMP Authorization to Advance Government Services

Genesys has achieved authorization under the State Risk and Authorized Management Program (StateRAMP) at the Moderate Impact Level. This recent StateRAMP Authorization complements Genesys' existing FedRAMP Authorization, announced earlier this year. These certifications collectively facilitate streamlined access for both U.S. state and federal agencies to leverage cutting-edge cloud and AI technologies. This, in turn, enables these agencies to enhance customer experiences while safeguarding their mission, assets, and resources.

"Many state and local government agencies are challenged to deliver the service consumers expect today while stretching their limited resources and protecting their customers' data. With StateRAMP Authorization, Genesys Cloud can expand its support to more government organizations by offering a solution that helps them modernize their infrastructure and use AI and automation to build stronger relationships with their customers through improved experiences,” said Olivier Jouve, EVP and Chief Product Officer at Genesys.

By obtaining these certifications, Genesys aims to streamline the adoption of the latest cloud and AI innovations for public sector organizations. Through the experience orchestration capabilities of the Genesys Cloud platform, these organizations can harness advanced conversational, generative, and predictive AI functionalities. This empowers them to deliver mission-critical services securely, reliably, and with increased efficiency to their communities.

The Genesys Cloud platform serves as an all-encompassing solution, providing public sector entities with a robust suite of capabilities for digital, voice, and workforce engagement management. This integrated approach allows organizations to seamlessly orchestrate personalized customer experiences at scale across various touchpoints. StateRAMP was established to create and maintain a standardized method for defining and evaluating cybersecurity standards required for cloud service providers offering solutions to state and local governments.