Releases TripGen, a Real-Time Travel Guide has introduced TripGen, a chatbot that leverages advanced AI technology to offer live travel assistance to users. The chatbot is designed to provide real-time advice and support, including customized travel routes, itineraries, and booking recommendations, all within the platform.

With the new launch, aims to make travel more accessible for users. This new tool builds upon's existing search capabilities, which offer personalized and comprehensive results for flights, hotels, and travel guides. TripGen takes things a step further with its advanced chatbot technology that leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand complex or vague questions and provide tailored answers to help users create their ideal travel itinerary quickly and easily.

Planning a trip can be overwhelming, and deciding on the destination is one of the biggest challenges. While you can ask friends or search online for advice, this often leads to more questions and uncertainty. To prevent this, has implemented AI technology to provide instant, personalized suggestions and solutions for every aspect of a trip, from flights and hotels to transportation and tours. Users can input any travel-related question, no matter how fragmented, and the chatbot will provide helpful recommendations to make the planning process enjoyable and stress-free.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

"Time is precious, but planning is always so time-consuming and stressful. So much information is available to users, and often it's overwhelming. As a travelholic who visited over 40 countries, I completely empathise with other travellers' pain points and difficulties in preparing for a trip," said Amy Wei, Senior Product Director,

According to Amy Wei, this all-in-one tool offers closed-loop services for travelers before, during, and after their trip. TripGen enables users to receive comprehensive support and solutions to make the planning process stress-free, leaving them to focus on enjoying their trip.

"TripGen currently supports English, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese. More languages will be added depending on user needs. On the technical side, TripGen has integrated the OpenAI API, which developed ChatGPT based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. In the future, we will consider other NLP model alternatives and continue on our journey to provide the ultimate product experience for travelers, " said Schubert Lou, COO,