Glia Launches Innovative AI Platform to Boost Customer Service in Finance

Glia has announced the launch of Glia Cortex, an AI platform tailored for the financial services sector. Glia Cortex offers financial institutions a safe, secure, and ROI-driven AI solution for customer service and contact centers, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing wait times, and improving experiences for both customers and agents.

"Financial institutions are looking to AI to modernize and create efficiencies in their contact centers, however they have been rightfully cautious as significant questions around safety, privacy, and business and reputational risks associated with adopting AI remain. Glia Cortex unleashes the benefits of AI and generative AI while maintaining proper, steady guardrails to keep data private and secure. We've made it possible to deploy AI without introducing risk, providing responsible technology that institutions and their customers can trust," said Jay Choi, CPO for Glia.

Glia Cortex transforms contact centers by automating customer interactions, boosting agent productivity, and providing managers with enhanced visibility. Integrated seamlessly into Glia's Unified Interaction Management platform, Glia Cortex is easy to adopt and offers immediate benefits.

In November, Glia introduced innovative generative AI tools to assist financial institutions in enhancing efficiency and delivering an improved customer experience while maintaining high safety and security.

What does the Glia Cortex include? 

Customer AI: Ready-to-use AI assistants that handle up to 65% of customer interactions across all channels, from digital to traditional phone calls, enhancing customer engagement.

Agent AI: AI tools designed to streamline workflows and boost agent productivity by over 20%, leveraging generative AI for more efficient operations.

Manager AI: AI-powered tools that provide managers with deeper insights into team performance, customer inquiries, and service improvement opportunities.

Glia Cortex not only enhances operational efficiency and reduces average handle times but also unifies reporting and lowers onboarding and training costs. Customers benefit from 24/7 self-service options across all channels, with seamless transitions to human agents without the need for repeated authentication or issue explanation.

This launch continues Glia's streak of innovative developments, following the introduction of their Unified Interaction Management platform and a generative AI solution for comprehensive AI management across digital and voice channels.