GoDaddy Unveils Time-Saving Generative AI Marvels for Small Businesses

GoDaddy has announced three new offerings that leverage generative AI to assist entrepreneurs in effectively managing crucial yet time-consuming responsibilities, facilitating the growth of their businesses.

"We've heard from small businesses who want to grow their business, but they also want to improve their work-life balance. GoDaddy built these AI tools with entrepreneurs in mind. Reducing the effort to create content that attracts and engages their customers, for instance, frees up small business owners' time to focus on growing their business and devoting time to their families," said GoDaddy U.S. Independents President, Gourav Pani.

According to a recent survey conducted by GoDaddy, a significant number of small business owners are enthusiastic about expanding their ventures while simultaneously saving time. The survey revealed that nearly one in four participants expressed openness to seeking external assistance, particularly for tasks such as content creation.

Providing small businesses with customer service messages 

The newly added generative AI-powered products will provide small businesses with a few benefits, such as creating product descriptions or social media apps.

GoDaddy has introduced an AI-driven solution for online store owners that streamlines the process of creating product descriptions. With this technology, business owners can capture a product photo, and within seconds, the AI system generates a creative and personalized description. The system produces a concise and engaging summary that can be seamlessly integrated into the item's online description. It utilizes a series of prompts and runs them through three AI models.

To address the challenge of extended customer interactions that span days or weeks, GoDaddy has developed the Conversations app. This application leverages AI technology to simplify the process for business operators to recall customer needs and preferences. Instead of searching through communication channels like emails, notes, texts, or direct messages, the app summarizes the entire conversation with the customer. With input from the small business, the AI-powered app then suggests responses that can be customized and sent to the customer.

Furthermore, GoDaddy recognizes that many small businesses lack expertise in creating effective advertisements, particularly on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. For this reason, the company has integrated generative AI into its Digital Ads service, allowing customers to quickly generate visually appealing and attention-grabbing ads, helping them attract potential customers to their businesses without the need for specialized advertising knowledge.

"Often, the hardest part of content creation is starting with a blank page. Now, our customers can leverage the best tools to get a head start on the competition. With these new tools – and many others GoDaddy will be launching in the coming weeks and months – small business owners can save time and win new customers using the best of what constantly improving AI has to offer," added Pani.