Hyro Launches Conversational AI for Healthcare on Salesforce AppExchange

Hyro has introduced Conversational AI for Healthcare on Salesforce AppExchange, with the aim of helping healthcare providers address workforce challenges, such as inefficiency, burnout, and attrition.

"I am excited to announce the launch of Conversational AI for Healthcare on Salesforce AppExchange, which will help expand the reach of AI capabilities across a wider range of healthcare providers nationwide. This integration will help transform patients' interactions with their healthcare providers. With conversational AI tools becoming so commonplace in the enterprise, healthcare providers must strive to use AI responsibly to protect patients from disinformation. Hyro's AI Safeguards available in this integration help health systems achieve much-needed control, visibility, and explainability," said Israel Krush, CEO and Co-Founder, Hyro.

Hyro's Adaptive Communications Platform utilizes advanced technologies such as large language models like GPT, computational linguistics, and knowledge graphs to bring cutting-edge conversational AI capabilities to healthcare organizations. Integrated with Salesforce Health Cloud and Service Cloud, Hyro's Conversational AI for Healthcare offers a comprehensive view of patient interactions and insights, enabling robust support across voice and chat-centric channels like call centers, websites, and mobile apps. This solution, available on Salesforce AppExchange, is expected to deliver tangible enhancements in patient access, engagement, and overall support for contact center agents and healthcare providers.

Shorter wait times and faster resolution  

This integration brings about more effective service for patients within healthcare systems, ensuring shorter wait times, expanded self-service options, and faster resolution of queries. Contact center agents can leverage Hyro's AI assistants through Salesforce Health Cloud as the initial point of patient contact. This enables seamless access to internal health records, allowing for autonomous identification and verification before guiding patients to the next steps in their care. At the organizational level, healthcare providers stand to benefit by improving personalized interactions, streamlining workflow efficiency, cutting costs, and maximizing overall value.

"Hyro's Conversational AI for Healthcare is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as it accelerates business transformation for customers by leveraging responsible, AI-powered communications to alleviate workforce challenges and bolster operational efficiency. AppExchange is constantly evolving to connect customers with the right apps and experts for their business needs," said Alice Steinglass, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Platform, Salesforce.

Elsewhere, a digital transformation solutions firm UST has partnered with Hyro to enable UST ContineoHealth's healthcare technology consulting arm clients to leverage Hyro's conversational AI assistants.