Merkle Strengthens Partnership with Braze for Enhanced Customer Engagement Strategies

Merkle has announced the enhancement of its partnership with Braze, solidifying its position as a premium partner in the Braze Alloys Partner Program. This strengthened collaboration aims to help global brands with advanced customer engagement strategies, fostering loyalty and retention to drive business expansion.

Since joining Braze Alloys in 2020, Merkle has played a strategic role in an ecosystem of technology and solution partners, streamlining the integration, customization, and amplification of customer engagement capabilities for Braze clients. This extended partnership simplifies the process for customers to seamlessly utilize agencies, consultancies, and other partners in conjunction with Braze and its network of technology collaborators, delivering highly personalized and effective brand experiences at scale.

"Merkle is proud to partner with Braze as part of the Alloys ecosystem. With Merkury, Braze users have access to a scaled identity solution, which resolves known and anonymous data to a single person ID, driving personalized experiences in every moment. Increased identity recognition rates on site turns anonymous visitors into contactable customers and prospects. The result is increased consumer engagement and brand revenue," said Gerry Bavaro, chief strategy officer, Merkury.

Merkle's Merkury solution, designed to help companies build and control their cookieless private identity graph, stands out as a key asset in this collaboration. Leveraging first-party data as a competitive advantage, Merkury enhances the recognition, understanding, and personalization of customer experiences across all channels in real-time. By integrating the Merkury tag into a website, brands can improve the identification of previously unknown site visitors.

This heightened recognition seamlessly integrates into the Braze profile, enabling users to enjoy enhanced personalization. Braze has also recently unveiled innovative products to enhance brands' ability to connect with consumers more personalized and effectively.

"Now more than ever, it's critical for brands to have personalized engagement strategies that reach consumers when it matters most. It's exciting to see increasing momentum for our solutions partner program within Braze Alloys. We look forward to continued success and collaboration as we work with our partners to power brilliant customer engagement strategies that propel growth for brands," said Myles Kleeger, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Braze.

Braze emphasizes the importance of a robust ecosystem for effective customer connection. The Braze Alloys Partner Program, launched in 2018, has evolved to include over 260 technology partners and 1000+ solutions partners. This program helps brands create innovative campaigns and execute real-time customer experiences on the Braze customer engagement platform seamlessly integrated with their broader technology and services stack.