IntelePeer Integrates ChatGPT into its SmartAgent Solution

Communications automation platform IntelePeer has added ChatGPT capabilities to its SmartAgent solution, with more generative AI technologies coming soon.

This integration will help companies reduce the cost of labor for contact centers through hyper-automation while allowing agents to focus on higher-value customer care tasks.

“The infusion of ChatGPT into the contact center environment is truly a watershed moment for the industry, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting new approach. Our SmartAgent offering, with its simplified pricing and advanced feature sets, including AI, analytics and omnichannel orchestration, will become even more powerful with the addition of generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Moreover, our implementation of this technology into our customer service solutions is a critical element of IntelePeer’s larger transition to a communications automation provider,” said Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer.

The SmartAgent solution offers different types of automation, all to support contact centers with handling spikes in call capacity and avoid compliance issues. These automations include voice, SMS & messaging, analytics, conversational AI automation, and more.

SmartAgent’s conversational AI allows businesses to transcribe all call and messaging exchanges across channels, providing deeper insights and pinpointing the reasons behind customer inquiries along the way.

Customer interaction transcriptions will help with ChatGPT training and enable it to identify common issues and suggest improvements to the conversational AI's responses.
“Today, IntelePeer continues to expand its solutions as an innovative leader in the Communications Automation Platform (CAP) market and as a trusted advisor in all things automation for contact centers and enterprise customers. With our extensive in-house expertise, we enable thousands of customers to successfully build, deploy, and support a variety of omnichannel solutions, powered by our SmartAgent and innovative AI tools like ChatGPT,” added Fawzi.
Finally, SmartAgent can detect when an customer inquiry requires attention that it beyond the scope of the AI's capabilities and connects the customer to an available human expert in the contact center.