Intermedia Enhances Data Retention with New Release

Intermedia has added Unite Archiving to its Email Archiving solution to enable customers to preserve and support data across business communications channels, such as chat, SMS, phone calls, and voicemails.

The solution serves as a searchable record that safeguards critical business data and communications from accidental or inappropriate deletion while supporting internal governance. To find what they are looking for, users can search using keywords, chat names, participants, call duration, and other attributes. While encrypted data sits secure, users can also choose how long they want to store it, with retention options ranging up to 10 years.

"We developed Intermedia Unite Archiving to help ensure critical business communications are captured and easily searchable, both for businesses that require archiving to comply with regulations, as well as businesses that understand the importance of retaining their corporate knowledge. When this vast, growing base of knowledge is introduced to Generative AI, insights previously unavailable are suddenly and rapidly identified, resulting in a more informed, efficient, productive, and smarter organization," said Michael Gold, Intermedia CEO.

Unite Archiving will soon support video meetings, contact center engagements, and more.

Broad application

Intermedia Unite Archiving can be applied to various business functions within an organization. Starting with compliance, Unite Archiving ensures that corporate communications and conversations are automatically preserved and secure while following SEC rules which require that certain communications be retained for up to seven years.

The solution also complies with healthcare regulatory requirements (such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which requires providers to retain patient records for ten years), as well as internal governance.

To maintain data continuity, users can record staff turnover, and medical and/or family or military leave so administrators can manage transitions easily.

In case of disputes, users can investigate and research quickly to support the prompt resolution. Finally, the solution enables easier agent training on call handling techniques to improve performance. Organizations can also store various types of documents, including instructions, proposals, recommendations, agreements, and contracts.

The acquisition of Akazio, a cloud archiving and monitoring platform, propelled the development of Unite Archiving with the goal of "simplifying and amplifying" business efforts. According to Intermedia, both teams are working on a series of solutions that follow this release.