Intermountain Health Picks Qualtrics to Enhance Patient and Employee Experiences

Non-profit healthcare system Intermountain Health has selected Qualtrics to enhance the experiences of its patients, caregivers, and other groups using its services by gathering feedback and insights to drive action.

This collaboration allows Intermountain to use Qualtrics' platform to gather real-time feedback across channels and convert insights into dashboards and reports delivering actionable improvements. Further, implementing Qualtrics' XM platform will enable Intermountain to comply with regulations while making data-driven and human-centered improvements.

“Leading healthcare institutions are listening with compassion to employees and patients, and then honoring their experiences by taking action. Rather than cutting experience resources in a time of staffing shortages and budget constraints, visionary leaders like Intermountain are implementing experience management technology across settings, data sources and functions to accelerate human insights and action at scale,” said Dr. Adrienne Boiss, Chief Medical Officer, Qualtrics.

A recent Qualtrics international study revealed that 61% of patients believe that healthcare providers need to improve their listening skills, while 38% of healthcare workers are at risk of job burnout, showing the importance of understanding patient and caregiver experiences.

“By implementing Qualtrics, we are not only expanding and improving our system for feedback, we are building a culture of action for responding to that feedback and improving the lives of all who interact with our organization,” said Dan Liljenquist, Chief Strategy Officer, Intermountain Health.

To meet the growing demand for in-person and telehealth care, Qualtrics and Intermountain will analyze feedback from patients regarding their experiences with Intermountain's services, whether in-person or virtual, as well as through the website, contact center calls, social media, and other digital channels. By doing so, Intermountain will be able to improve patient experiences, immediately addressing the negative feedback. The platform will provide real-time notifications and automated workflows to enable Intermountain to respond efficiently. Additionally, Qualtrics will help Intermountain enhance its ability to predict patients' needs through predictive analytics capabilities.

This integration will enable Intermountain to understand its employees and care providers by collecting data at various stages in their work journey, including the hiring process, training, and regular check-ins. This information will provide insights into the employee experience and allow Intermountain to identify areas where they can make improvements, as well as make strategic decisions related to well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.