Morgan Freeman or Taylor Swift? Who Do You Want to Answer Your Customer Service Call? 

Which celebrity voice would you choose to guide you through your customer service experience? According to a recent Genesys report, many consumers have clear favorites, with Morgan Freeman leading the pack as the most desired voice for virtual customer service agents.

Following Freeman, Ryan Reynolds, known for his role in "Deadpool" and his sharp humor, secured the second spot. Taylor Swift, the pop star behind "Tortured Poets Department," was the third favorite, while Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, known for their roles in "Poor Things" and "I’m Just Ken" respectively, completed the top five preferences.

The study showed that over one-third of participants would enjoy celebrity voices in their virtual customer service roles, favoring actors and musicians over social media stars and podcast hosts.

British or American accent? 

In addition, the research highlighted that consumers prefer certain traits in their AI interactions. For example, 60% of respondents expressed annoyance when virtual agents overuse empathetic phrases such as "I'm sorry" or "I understand your frustration."

Regarding the preferred sound of these virtual agents, most consumers, except baby boomers, opt for a bot with a British robotic accent. In contrast, baby boomers lean towards a bot that exhibits a real human voice with an American accent.

The report emphasizes the importance for companies to balance entertaining elements with efficiency and personalization in bot interactions to ensure satisfaction without sacrificing effectiveness, thereby safeguarding their reputation and profitability.

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