Intradiem’s Contact Center Automation Now Available on Genesys Cloud CX

Intradiem has announced that contact centers leveraging Genesys Cloud CX can now seamlessly access and integrate its suite of contact center automation solutions directly from the Genesys AppFoundry marketplace. These solutions from Intradiem operate in real-time, monitoring both Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and Workforce Management (WFM) data. They not only contribute to overall cost savings but also ensure a return on investment within the same year.  

“The Genesys AppFoundry is a natural fit for Intradiem as our solutions can be easily layered into Genesys customers’ tech stacks to improve productivity and engagement at the agent side all while strengthening the end-customer experience. We’ve already proven the value of Intradiem’s enterprise-grade cloud solution to multiple Genesys customers, and this partnership will deliver our cost-saving solutions to an even broader range of customers,” said Haresh Gangwani, Executive Vice President of Global Alliances at Intradiem.

For Genesys customers seeking a swift enhancement in productivity, increased employee engagement, and an improved end-customer experience, Intradiem offers a valuable solution. The contact center automation solutions provided by Intradiem continuously monitor schedules, call volumes, and workflows in real time, allowing for the identification of unused capacity, which can then be redirected to its most productive use, ultimately optimizing operational efficiency.

Intradiem's application is now accessible on Genesys Cloud CX, an integrated solution designed to facilitate seamless and interconnected customer and employee experiences. Apart from Intradiem, a couple of other companies that have recently integrated their solutions into Genesys Cloud CX, are Alorica, ibex and QPC.

Last month, Intradiem partnered with Thrive Global to provide 60-second stress-releasing wellness Reset sessions to contact center agents in real-time.