Intradiem and Thrive Global Team Up to Combat Call Center Agent Burnout

Contact center automation vendor Intradiem has partnered with Thrive Global to provide 60-second stress-releasing wellness Reset sessions to contact center agents in real-time.

Customer service agents often face unavoidable work-related stress, with over 75% experiencing high stress due to high call volume and demanding customers. This cumulative stress can lead to burnout and significantly higher attrition rates compared to other job positions.

In collaboration with Thrive Global, Intradiem aligns with its people-first approach to technology supporting human workers. Their newly introduced Burnout and Attrition Indicator is a unique tool that helps organizations identify contact center agents at risk of burnout, with an 80% accuracy in predicting churn.

Embedded into employee workflows, Thrive’s 60-second Resets deliver calming visuals along with audio and breathing prompts to help agents recharge and combat cumulative stress.

“This partnership is a natural fit for our two companies, and I’m so excited about the concrete impact we can have on workers in contact centers and other stressful work environments. When stress builds up and becomes cumulative, performance and productivity suffer, but Resets help employees stay calm, focused, and productive. Intradiem’s real-time technology provides direct and efficient delivery of Thrive Resets when and where they’re needed most,” said Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global.

Founded by Arianna Huffington in 2016, Thrive Global offers a behavior-change product suite that helps individuals, companies, and communities improve well-being and performance while "debunking the myth that burnout is the inevitable price of success."

One of the products, Thrive Journey, is broken down into six Journeys, each representing a key aspect of overall well-being, such as sleep, food, movement, etc. Moreover, the suite includes challenges, a goal-setting app, and a knowledge library. In addition to Intradiem, Thrive can also be integrated with Teams, Slack, Genesys, and NICE platforms.

“Intradiem shares Thrive Global’s deep commitment to employee well-being, as well as a conviction that wellness is directly and positively correlated with performance. The science-based implications of a balanced, healthy work environment are clear, and we’re proud to combine our unique, real-time technology with Thrive’s innovative approach to reducing employee stress,” said Jennifer Lee, Intradiem’s President and Chief Operating Officer.