Invoca Optimizes Call Routing and Boosts Conversions for Modern Contact Centers

Invoca has expanded its PreSense product for modern contact centers to integrate with popular platforms, including Five9, NICE inContact, Genesys, Salesforce, Amazon Connect, and others. PreSense enables contact centers to leverage real-time insights from customers' digital journeys, enabling them to provide efficient, personalized, and proactive support.

By receiving valuable pre-call data about customers' online activities, such as search keywords, viewed support articles, and clicked online ads, contact center agents can offer tailored assistance through screen pops. This not only reduces time-to-resolution but also increases conversion rates. Additionally, PreSense optimizes call routing, ensuring that customers are directed to the most suitable agent based on their specific needs, resulting in shorter calls, fewer transfers, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

"In today's digital-first world, consumers often dread the contact center because they expect a bad experience. The moment has come for a radical shift in CX — to use real-time data to proactively help customers and exceed their expectations. PreSense revolutionizes contact center operations, greatly enhancing and extending their ability to offer personalized and tailored interactions. This not only benefits consumers, but it also boosts operational efficiencies, slashes costs, and sparks new revenue growth," said Nathan Ziv, Senior Vice President of Product, Invoca.

Customer frustration with contact center support  

When customers are unable to accomplish their tasks online and are forced to contact a call center, they often encounter frustrating experiences such as automated menus, long wait times, and repetitive information requests from agents. This broken experience leads to abandoned calls, dissatisfied customers, and ultimately, financial losses for businesses. A study by Invoca's Buyer's Experience Benchmark Report revealed that 76% of consumers would stop doing business with a company after just one bad experience.

In addition, McKinsey's "Next in Personalization" report highlights that 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions, and 76% feel frustrated when this expectation is not met.

PreSense bridges the gap between digital and voice interactions 

For a long time, contact centers have heavily relied on CRM data to customize customer experiences. However, CRM data has its limitations, as it can be outdated or unavailable for new customers who have just started doing business with a company. PreSense offers a solution by enhancing personalization in contact centers through the use of real-time digital intent data. This data is applied to both new and existing customers, enabling contact centers to provide a more tailored and relevant experience.

PreSense enables agents to quickly address customer needs by providing them with relevant information through a screen pop on their contact center desktop. With this real-time context at their fingertips, agents can initiate conversations with specific questions like, "Are you experiencing issues with your router?" or "Are you interested in adding a smartwatch plan to your account?" This eliminates the need for lengthy back-and-forth exchanges that frustrate customers, consume valuable agent time, and increase operational costs.

By utilizing pre-call data, contact centers can efficiently direct incoming calls to the most suitable agent based on the specific needs demonstrated by the caller. For example, if a caller has initiated the process of configuring an earthquake insurance quote online, they can be automatically routed to an agent who is qualified to handle such specialized policies. This swift and accurate routing process reduces the need for call transfers and decreases the likelihood of call abandonment, resulting in higher call conversion rates.

Incorporating pre-call data into AI-powered virtual agents enables contact centers to enhance the proactive capabilities of these automated systems. This allows them to swiftly address common customer support issues through self-service options, enabling human agents to focus on more critical calls. For instance, if a customer is calling from a password reset page, the virtual agent can promptly present a message such as, "Are you calling to reset your password?"


In March, Invoca strengthened its collaboration with Five9 and introduced PreSense to Five9 customers. The latest announcement signifies the expansion of PreSense functionality to various other prominent contact center solutions and CRMs, including NICE inContact, Genesys, Salesforce, and Amazon Connect. Invoca's APIs and open architecture facilitate this integration, allowing PreSense to be seamlessly incorporated into these platforms.

Currently, PreSense is accessible in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, offering benefits to customers in these regions.

In other news, Invoca has added a range of new capabilities that leverage a combination of generative AI, large language models (LLMs), voice biometrics, and patented machine-learning technologies.