Weave Updates Digital Forms to Streamline Medical Record-Keeping

Weave has introduced enhancements to its Digital Forms product, revolutionizing healthcare practices through the integration of digital processes, streamlined data collection, and improved patient experiences. The upgraded Digital Forms enable healthcare providers to automatically input electronically protected health information (ePHI) into requested forms, allowing for the attachment of documents for patients to electronically sign, streamlining record-keeping.

Since its initial launch, Weave's Digital Forms have made a significant impact, delivering over 17 million forms to patients through the Weave platform. This tool has helped healthcare practices efficiently manage information, resulting in substantial time savings for both patients and staff.

"We are excited to introduce enhancements to Digital Forms as a pivotal step towards transforming the way healthcare practices manage data. As patient retention remains a priority for healthcare practices, Digital Forms assist in turning patients into champions and simplifying communication in healthcare, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for providers and patients," said Branden Neish, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Weave.

The latest improvements to the product include:

Conditional Logic  

Practices can now design forms that dynamically adapt, displaying or hiding specific questions based on a patient's responses to previous questions. This flexibility enables patients to navigate forms more seamlessly, increasing the likelihood of successful form submission before their scheduled appointments.

Attach File  

Practices now have the capability to attach one or more documents, such as PDFs or screenshots of treatment plans, estimates, policy agreements, or promotional materials when sending forms. Optionally, these documents can be electronically signed by the recipient, providing a secure method for practices to share patient-specific information and collect additional signatures for record-keeping.

Pre-populate ePHI in Solicited Forms  

Practices can expedite the authentication process for established patients by swiftly pre-populating existing ePHI information. Once the form is automatically filled, patients can efficiently verify the details, reducing wait times and ensuring that time spent completing forms does not impact valuable appointment time.

Digital Forms enhances office efficiency by automating patient intake processes, allowing healthcare professionals to devote more time to patient care and ultimately boosting patient satisfaction.

In October, Weave unveiled an AI-driven feature on its platform, which leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe voicemail messages for healthcare providers.