Jasper Unveils Latest Innovations to Elevate Marketing Efficiency  

Generative AI company Jasper has unveiled the expansion of its capabilities to serve as a comprehensive AI partner for enhanced marketing results. The latest features are aimed at transforming AI support, shifting from merely expediting content creation to actively assisting marketers in achieving superior performance.

In this recent release, the company is introducing analytics and AI-driven insights to enhance content performance, an intelligence hub for secure access to brand, strategy, and audience data, and tools for streamlining collaboration and review processes to accelerate marketing campaigns.

"The first chapter of AI was all about speed. Marketers certainly want efficiency, but they also want results. By adding analytics and AI insights into Jasper, we hope to help make the next chapter of AI in the enterprise about speed and performance," said Young, CEO of Jasper.  

New analytics and insights within marketing copilot  

Jasper's update includes the introduction of analytics and insights within its marketing copilot, allowing users to gain valuable insights into the content's effectiveness in achieving business objectives. The AI also provides recommendations to enhance underperforming content, and users can implement suggested changes with a simple click.

Furthermore, Jasper's analytics will identify trends in content performance, shedding light on potential opportunities and shaping future strategies. Combining performance analysis, pattern recognition, and expedited content revisions offers a more comprehensive understanding of the return on investment (ROI) for marketing teams handling substantial volumes of content.

Centralized hub for company intelligence 

Additionally, Jasper has introduced a centralized hub for company intelligence, providing a secure repository for housing a company's institutional knowledge. Building upon its capability to educate Jasper about a brand's voice and style preferences, this new feature enables companies to connect to their data systems or upload critical positioning and strategy documents.

In a 2023 study, Jasper uncovered that marketers hesitate to embrace AI due to the production of generic outputs (35%) and inaccuracies (36%). To address these concerns, Jasper's latest feature aims to minimize AI errors related to customer-specific data, helping marketers centralize critical elements like strategy, audience research, competitive positioning, and other essential components in their marketing content.

Moreover, this hub for company intelligence provides flexibility and ease of updates, making it simpler to adapt to changes in a company's information and messaging as they evolve.

Better coordination of marketing teams  

As part of its latest release, Jasper focuses on enhancing coordination within enterprise marketing teams. The company adopts an AI-centric approach to streamline team organization for projects and campaigns. It seamlessly integrates campaign management tools such as task assignments, comments, and scheduling directly into the content production workflow.

These tools will soon offer AI-generated feedback summaries and one-click automated revisions to expedite the review process. The goal is to minimize the administrative burden associated with external project management tools and promote a more efficient and productive approach to content revisions.

Jasper is taking steps to provide enterprises with more extensive control, enhancing security and preserving brand integrity across the board. In addition to existing SOC2 compliance and essential enterprise control measures, Jasper has made its API fully accessible, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate on-brand, personalized messaging into their various platforms.

The expanded features will enter a beta phase in November, initially accessible to all business tier Jasper customers, and in Q1 of 2024, these features will be further enhanced.

In other news, Jasper partnered with Totango to enhance customer productivity with new generative AI features.