Totango Partners with Jasper to Unveil New Generative AI Features

Composable customer success platform Totango has announced new generative AI features in collaboration with Jasper, a generative AI platform, to enhance productivity for customers.

“Totango’s approach to AI is based on the goal of increasing the impact and productivity of customer success teams and accelerating scaled CS initiatives. We are focused on enabling responsible development and adoption of AI to enhance the value of CS while protecting brand and enterprise data. Our partnership with Jasper enables a powerful boost in content creation consistent with the brand voice of each customer,” said Alistair Rennie, CEO, Totango.

As part of its efforts to apply generative AI to customer success, Totango has introduced new enhancements, including the ability to generate code from plain language for integrations and system connectors, as well as to allow users to create customer segments using natural language queries. These enhancements automate workflows, integrate data, and reduce the time needed to develop new content and programs.

Automated integrations: This feature allows users to connect Totango with other systems of record, like Salesforce CRM, using a simple text query that generates code snippets to facilitate integration without the need for technical expertise.

AI assistant: The feature enables users to find quickly and surface information within customer accounts or across the entire customer portfolio. This is done by using natural language queries, which enable users to easily locate groups of customer profiles that share common characteristics, such as low health scores, decreased product utilization, or increased support tickets.

These product features will be released in beta in Q2.

By integrating Jasper directly into the Totango platform, customer success professionals can create personalized content ten times faster and train AI to customize content based on company information, style guide, and brand voice. Additionally, this integration ensures that data is kept secure in an enterprise-safe environment.

“Generative AI will be a critical tool for productivity in many businesses. Through our Technology Partnership Program, Totango is able to integrate the power of Jasper directly into customer success workflows to enable high quality content creation, protect brand voice of Totango customers, and free up CS teams to spend more time on strategic engagements,” says Dave Rogenmoser, CEO and co-founder, Jasper.